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Real-time syncing to and from smrtPhone means you have all the information you need, when you need it.

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One-click Calling

Call or text from your CRM Contact or open the dialer from any tab. Drop down notification banners let you answer from anywhere.

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Free Reports

Don’t pay extra to learn from the calls and texts you make. Free, in-depth reports help you hone in on what’s working (and what isn’t) to inform your business strategy.

Why smrtPhone?


Never miss a beat with all of your communication in one spot. Save time by never having to hunt down what you need, or duplicating efforts. Have your CRM, phone system, and power dialer seamlessly work together to save time, reduce clerical labor, and close more deals.

Power Dialer

Our multi-line dialer, smrtDialer, powers up to 4x the calls, getting you through lead lists and follow-ups in record time. Fully integrated with smrtPhone, all call data and notes are instantly synced. Free reports help you understand what campaigns are most successful, and what needs improvement.

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Free Mobile App

Take smrtPhone on the road and close deals from wherever you are. Our free app automatically syncs your contacts and allows you to make and receive calls and texts and listen to your voicemails no matter where you are. Stop using your personal cell number to do business – keep it separate and seamless with smrtPhone’s Mobile App.

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smrtPhone in Sixty Seconds


Why People Love smrtDialer

Don’t just take our word for it, many happy customers are glad they chose smrtDialer for their power dialing needs.


I’ve seen probably 20 or 30 different phone systems, smrtPhone is the one I’d advise everybody to get

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