smrtLeads - Lead Source Management

Minimize Speed to Dial

Whatever your lead sources (purchased lists, SEO, PPC, social media, bandit signs, or another lead generation source) you can create dynamic dial lists in seconds and transfer them to smrtDialer for the fastest speed-to-dial times on the market. Keep your agents’ focus where it should be: talking to leads.

Big Lists? Bigger Confidence.

Work smarter with your data by using integrated tools to DNC scrub, known litigator scrub, skip trace, segment leads, and create unlimited custom dial lists. Get the right agents matched with the right campaigns to maximize agent call rates and talk time with the highest possible conversion rate.

Big List Confidence
smrtLeads - Lead Source Management

Superior Data Integrity

smrtPhone’s all-in-one list management, cloud phone system, and power dialer trio lets you effortlessly gather together, segment, and dial enormous amounts of lead data. You choose which leads to push to your CRM with a click of a button, ensuring a seamless and instant transfer. Keep your CRM leads clean. No hassle. No exporting. No data leakage. Just easy organization and even easier dialing.

What’s Included in the smrtLeads Beta

  • Free subscription for duration of beta
  • Skip Tracing ($0.125 per successful skip trace)
  • DNC Scrubbing ($0.012 per lead)
  • Unlimited lead sources
  • Excel upload & webhooks
  • Fully integrated to smrtPhone & smrtDialer
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited Lead Sources
  • Unlimited dial lists
  • Seamless push of successful leads to CRM
  • Detailed lead profile
  • Feedback opportunity for you to shape product!

Coming soon!

smrtLeads features we’re building

  • Real-time webhook notification in
  • Dynamic agent routing for
    unbeatable speed-to-contact
  • Additional segmentation filters
  • Buyer Lists Bulk texting
  • 3rd party data source integrations
  • Integrations underway include:
    Audantic, 8020REI, and Twnsqr
  • Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Easy. Organized. Fast.

smrtLeads helps you easily manage large amounts of data to create smarter campaigns in less time. Join the beta team today! Beta includes: Free subscription, unlimited leads, unlimited dial lists. Subject to per-lead charges for DNC scrubbing and skip tracing.

Join the smrtLeads beta today!
smrtLeads - Lead Source Management