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Team Inboxes

Organize teams to provide lightning fast customer support. Tenants and vendors can reach multiple employees at once.

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Mobile App

Rely on smrtPhone’s instant syncing to your CRM while on the move to properties. Vendor and tenant contacts travel with you.

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Unlimited Users with Pro

Don’t balloon costs by paying per user if your business has many departments and a growing team.

Keep Track of Everything, in One Place

Property Management requires juggling communication and responding fast. Organization and quick access to contacts and information can make or break your business. Let smrtPhone be the backbone of your process.

Automatically Track Communication

When you manage a lot of properties, the number of conversations increases exponentially. With tenants, vendors, and inter-departmental coordination, it’s important that every call and text is logged to your CRM and easy to reference by everyone who needs to know. Up-to-date communication saves time, ensures clarity and prevents liability issues.

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Tenants, Vendors, & Leads in One Place

Effortlessly manage your communication with instant phone numbers, customizable call flows, and team inboxes. Our all-in-one phone system seamlessly integrates with your CRM, allowing you to make and receive calls and texts for specific purposes without any confusion. Easily identify callers and their reasons for contacting you, eliminating the need for additional fact-finding.

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On-the-Go with a Robust Toolkit

You rely on business being on-the-go. If you travel most of the day, your phone system should be just as robust in the field as it is on desktop. smrtPhone’s free Mobile App allows for all communication to stay within your system, no matter where you are. Plus, video calling allows for quick visuals when issues arise.

smrtPhone's robust toolkit

“We are a departmentalized operation. We have a leasing team, a communications team, a sales team, maintenance, and more. Podio acts as our backbone, and the way smrtPhone integrates with Podio is absolutely beautiful.”

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Justin Ellis

CEO of Wolfnest Property Management

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