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Power Productivity with our Chrome Extension

smrtPhone’s Chrome Extension is an efficient, easy-to-use tool that allows for one-click calling from any CRM, as well as calling from any Chrome browser tab – even if you’re not on the smrtPhone Web App.

Never Miss a Call

Not only can you initiate calls and texts from any browser tab (whether you’re in smrtPhone or anywhere else on the internet), you can also quickly answer incoming calls. Don’t hunt for a ringing tab, just pin your smrtPhone Chrome Extension and decide whether to answer, ignore, or reject a call without leaving the page you’re viewing.

smrtphone chrome extension screenshot of incoming call

One-Click Efficiency

Any business focused on sales knows that efficiency is crucial. Make calls and trust that all of the data is syncing automatically to your CRM. And if your CRM doesn’t have a native dialer, you can still have the efficiency boost of click-to-call. Our Chrome Extension was built to increase productivity, one click at a time.

smrtphone Chrome Extension product shot of live call

Synced to Your CRM

Your Chrome Extension is one of four smrtPhone dialers, which means all calls, texts, and notes are synced to your CRM. Communicate from any browser, even if you’re not on the smrtPhone Web App, and those calls and texts will show up in your CRM’s communication history. Access your inbox voicemails and recent calls from a simple dropdown.

screenshot of how smrtPhone Chrome extension syncs to CRMs