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Pro Features in smrtDialer

Why smrtPhone Pro?

Additional functionality for team management and regional growth. Unlimited users means you save money as your team grows.


QA and Team Coaching

Easily manage, train, and motivate your team. Listen in for quality assurance, whisper prompts to your agent, or seamlessly join a call. Bottom line? smrtPhone Pro keeps you engaged. We know the best way to land deals is to have a solid team, and smrtPhone Pro helps you train and maintain it.


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Faster Deal Cycles

Don’t lose a deal by starting a game of phone tag! Keep that live lead on the line with features that make business more efficient and faster. Bring someone else in with Warm Transfer or Conference Calling. Your phone system should speed up your deal cycle, not slow it down.


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smrtPhone Grows With You

smrtPhone Pro unlocks unlimited users with our pay-as-you-go, transparent pricing model. Grow at your own pace and staff up as it makes sense for your business. Hire VAs, contractors, and new Agents as growth demands without being saddled by increasing costs.


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Automatically Choose the
Best Number

With smrtPhone Pro, area code matching with Geo-Caller ID and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) has never been easier. Your outbound calls will look local and tracking phone numbers will teach you what’s working.


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smrtPhone Pro Overview

smrtPhone Pro in 60 Seconds

“I was using call monitoring today, and heard something the lead said to our acquisitions rep. We were at the 1 inch line with locking up the deal, but the seller was about to walk away. I used smrtPhone’s whisper feature to tell him what to say, and we were back on track! Without smrtPhone Pro, we would have reviewed the call recording at a later date, and found the missed opportunity. But this one we found in real time!”

Drew Farnese

CEO, Revamp 365


Check Out Why People Love smrtPhone

Don’t just take our word for it, many happy customers are glad they chose smrtPhone as their Cloud Phone System.