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CTI Dialer

Click-to-Call and text, both inbound and outbound. Don’t leave your CRM to answer a call, everything is inside Salesforce to save time and increase productivity.

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Full Featured Mobile App

Easy on-the-go, without third party triangulation, means better connection. All calls are logged automatically back to your Salesforce Org.

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Video Calling & Power Dialing

All-in-one communication improves your ability to connect. It’s not just about making calls, it’s about making the right type of call to reach your clients and leads.

Why Choose smrtPhone for Salesforce?

All-in-One System

Feel the power of “and.” Voice and text. Inbound and outbound. At your desk and on-the-go. Call monitoring and call recording. Fully integrated and ready to go in 5 minutes. The list goes on. smrtPhone has all you need to get the job done.

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Customizable for Everyone

Built for small and medium-sized businesses, but flexible and powerful enough to fit any sales-based business, no matter where you are in your growth. The beauty of smrtPhone’s integration with Salesforce is that it will grow with you without your cost ballooning. Start with us when you have 1 employee, and stay with us when you have 500. Dream big, now.

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Transparent Pricing

smrtPhone for Salesforce allows for discounted, annual contracts or month-to-month for flexibility. With our Pro subscription, Users are unlimited, making us far cheaper than our competitors. With more capability and transparent billing, smrtPhone is an obvious, cost-effective choice for growing businesses.

smrtPhone pricing for Salesforce

Client-Centric Innovation

Set up in minutes, but configurable to be as simple or complex as any business needs. smrtPhone’s integration with Salesforce puts its Users first. We listen to our customers, and build products based on how they really use their CRM and phone communication tools.

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smrtPhone is available with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in:

Professional, Enterprise, and Performance Editions.

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Video Demo

See Salesforce + smrtPhone in Action

Check out how Salesforce and smrtPhone integrate in this demo by smrtPhone’s CEO Jordan Samuel Fleming. Then sign up for a Free Trial to try it for yourself.

“Incredibly user friendly and quick to set up. Integrates perfectly with our Salesforce org. Support is lightning fast and very helpful. Highly highly recommend!”

Stephanie Betters

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