Salesforce Phone System Integration

All-in-One Integrated Platform

Stop toggling between systems. Never before has your Salesforce CRM and phone system worked so well together. Add on smrtPhone’s free mobile app and you have all of your contacts, calls, texts, and campaigns automatically logged in one easy-to-use, easy-to-analyze spot, whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Power Dial for 4x the Reach

Maximize outbound calling with smrtDialer, a multi-line power dialer for smrtPhone that offers up to four lines of simultaneous dialing. Whether you load in large cold calling lists or pull a dynamic list from Salesforce, smrtDialer streamlines and automates dialing campaigns for maximum efficiency and maximum impact. Everything is logged back to your CRM, effortlessly synced.

Salesforce Phone System Integration
Salesforce Phone System Integration

The Go-To Combo for Growing Businesses

smrtPhone specializes in giving you the tools you need and the KPIs you crave to grow your business and close more deals. Harness the power of drip sequences, automate follow ups and sales dialing, and eliminate the hardship brought on by disparate systems. When your Salesforce and Voice/Text Platform work in lock step, you are the true winner!

What clients love about

the Salesforce integration

Track Marketing Leads
Quickly buy numbers for each marketing channel/campaign and track inbound leads directly in Salesforce.
See the History
smrtPhone logs all calls, texts & voicemails directly in your CRM, making sure you can see the whole history of your relationships.
SMS drip sequences
Take advantage of automated follow up sequences and text messages to make sure you never drop a lead again.
Easy Performance Management
Track individual, team, phone number or campaign performance to analyze and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.
“We are excited to collaborate with smrtPhone to continue to provide Left Main users options for integrated phone systems. It’s a familiar phone choice for real estate investors and we are elated to have them on our platform!”
Stephanie Betters
CEO, Left Main REI

Take it for a spin

smrtPhone is a flexible and scalable system that you can use at your desk or through your mobile device. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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Salesforce Phone System Integration