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smrtStudio Global Inc. is the developer of smrtPhone, an all-in-one phone system that allows sales-driven businesses to make more calls, send more texts, and close more deals. Our products focus on delivering deep integration with your CRM, powering greater automation and saving your time.

Hear From Our Founders

Our Philosophy

At smrtPhone, we strive to connect humans. At the ends of every call and text are real people. As we grow to collaborate with more CRMs, develop new products, and work with new partners, we always aim to strike the balance between staying on top of emerging innovation with thoughtful growth.

Meet our team

Radu Anghel
Technical Support
Tibor Barabas
Front-End Developer
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Andreea Berescu
1st Level Support
Andreea Bonas
Senior QA Engineer
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Andrei Budan
1st Level Support
Dragos Buiuc
2nd Level Support
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Oana Buruiana
Support Team Leader
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Ovidiu Buruiana
Head of Development
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