About smrtPhone



smrtPhone is a cloud-based, scalable phone system that integrates with CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems. It allows you to communicate with people – whether that’s leads, your internal team, current clients or whoever you communicate with regularly.


We are an all-in-one system that lets you call, text and organize lead information from one centralized system, including click-to-call from your CRM. Our major products are: 

  • smrtPhone Cloud Based Phone System (Our Core Product) 
  • smrtPhone Pro 
  • smrtDialer
  • smrtLeads

We also have a free Mobile App and Chrome Extension to improve productivity and make sure your communication options are available no matter where you happen to be working.


Of course! It’s a great way to really understand the benefit of using an all-in-one phone system like smrtPhone. We have pre-recorded video demos that cover the basics, as well as 30-minute virtual meetings with our Customer Success Team, during which you can get your questions answered.


Yes! Our power dialer (sometimes called a sales dialer) is smrtDialer. Call between 1-4 lines simultaneously, fully synced to your CRM and works in lockstep with your other smrtPhone products. Unlimited campaigns, unlimited leads, the ability to pull leads from your CRM or spreadsheets, calls and notes auto-logged to your CRM… there are so many things to love about smrtDialer. Read more about it here!


Yes! You can make and receive calls and texts from any of your smrtPhone phone numbers on-the-go. Our Mobile App is free to download for Android and iOS.



CRM Setup



No. You must have a CRM to use smrtPhone. Our deep integration with our CRM partners is what sets us apart and allows us to provide greater efficiency, enhanced automation, and clearer reporting for our clients. 


smrtPhone integrates with six CRM platforms including Salesforce, Podio, InvestorFuse, Forefront, Realeflow and REISift. We also work with dozens of custom CRM configurations built on these platforms. We add new integrations on a regular basis and we welcome your suggestions for the next one!


While each CRM integration is slightly different, the first step is to sign up for a smrtPhone Trial. In the initial sign up, you select which CRM you use and then you will get step-by-step instructions on how to connect the two.


Yes! If you use smrtPhone with one CRM but would like to switch to a different one of our partners, you can easily unplug and connect your smrtPhone to your new CRM account. Reach out to Support for help!


Getting Started

smrtPhone Trial



If you have administrative rights for your CRM, it is super easy to set up a smrtPhone Trial. Start by completing the sign up form, and you’ll get instructions on how to connect your specific CRM.


Yes, of course. We have documentation how-tos, live chat, and live meeting options for you. Whatever your learning style is, we’re here to help.


Yes – you will not pay a subscription fee until you activate your account. You are responsible for any calls and texts that you make during your trial, and there are some limitations on a trial account. Learn how to get the most out of your free trial with this article. 


How To

Using smrtPhone



You can be up and calling in mere minutes. The first steps are to buy a Phone Number and set up your first Call Flow.


One of the best things about smrtPhone is the total control you have over how incoming calls and texts are handled. Call Flows are a requirement to receive inbound communication and they are super simple to build in our drag-and-drop Flow Builder. Learn more here! 


Yes. It’s easy to create, save and use SMS Templates in smrtPhone. We have customizable fields to auto-populate your templates with personalized info. Don’t waste time re-typing messages, or even copy and pasting.


Yes, you can record inbound and outbound calls and save those recordings for later reference. Call recordings help with quality assurance, training opportunities, call analysis, compliance and data integrity.


Yes, you can access a variety of free data reports to gain valuable insights into your communication data from the calls and texts you’re already making. The data within smrtPhone and smrtDialer will help you highlight winning processes, identify areas of weakness, spot opportunities for better training, and give insights into the key drivers of performance. Learn more about the reports smrtPhone currently offers here. 


No, and we don’t intend to – it’s illegal. smrtPhone is committed to offering a phone system that helps keep you secure and compliant.


Controlling Costs




smrtPhone pricing is based on a subscription + usage, pay-as-you-go model that means you only pay for what you use. Learn more here.


smrtPhone is purchased on the account level. You get 10 included users on the Standard plan and unlimited users with our Pro plan. We intentionally do not charge per user like most of our competitors, because we recognize that many companies have different types of employees, some of whom only work part-time or need limited access.


We do not offer an unlimited plan because we think it’s important for you to know exactly how much you’re spending on communication to close and service your deals. Most providers that offer unlimited plans are either looking to make money from unused usage or they hope you don’t read the fine print and charge exorbitant fees. With smrtPhone, you never get a surprise bill.


Usage costs come out of a shared credit balance for your entire company. You pay a subscription fee to give all of your users access to the platform and usage covers things like call minutes, outbound text messages, call recording and storage, compliance fees, and taxes.


No, the beauty of smrtPhone is that you can have users calling and texting within the system without needing them to be in your CRM. This can help cut down costs on the CRM end, as well as ensure that only the users with the right credentials have access to the sensitive information in your CRM. However – all the communication those smrtPhone users are making will be synced to your CRM, so that you have a clear and whole view of your customer relationships. It’s a real win-win!



Getting Help



Our chat is staffed with real, live people every weekday from 9AM – 9PM ET. Our response time is under two minutes, and if you leave a message outside of working hours they will get back to you lightning fast on the next working day.


A lot! We have an extensive help center collection of over 300 how-to guides and videos. We have a User Group where you can crowdsource answers to your questions. Every month we host a live Q&A for users to get on-the-spot training and share ideas. We announce all new features in-app and in our monthly newsletter round up.


Yes! We have an section of FAQs inside our help center.(