Pay as you Go

The smrtPhone monthly subscription gives you and your users access to the platform, and a pre-paid, shared credit balance means you never get a surprise invoice.

Monthly or Discounted Annual Options

We never want our customers to feel locked into a long, expensive phone plan before you know what you use. Our month-to-month plans never lock you in, allowing for flexibility if you need it. When you choose our Annual option and commit for the year, you get two FREE months. 

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Only Pay for What You Need

It’s a simple philosophy: pre-pay for the calls and texts your business will make and send. Instead of paying high monthly fees for an unlimited plan (that may not end up unlimited – read the fine print), we understand that businesses and seasons fluctuate – why not just pay for exactly what you use?

Only Pay for What you need

Stay in Control of Your Costs

Full transparency means you keep track of your costs every month. Compare your invoices to logs and stay in control of how your money is spent. Pay only for the phone numbers you want (discounted for volume), the call recording and storage you need, and your call minutes and outbound text messages. With our flexible and easy-to-understand payment model, you optimize your costs as time goes on. 

Screenshot of billing logs and receipt for smrtPhone Pro Subscription

Upgrades at the Account Level

Is your business really taking off? Maybe you need to increase the volume of your outbound communication with our multi-line power dialer, or add a ton of new users without breaking the bank. smrtPhone has multiple upgrade options, paid for at the account level for either a monthly or discounted annual cost. When you’re ready to level up, smrtPhone Pro, smrtDialer and smrtLeads are here.

smrtPhone tools and features

“A big draw of smrtPhone is the pricing compared to what we were at with RingCentral. We pay pennies on the dollar, considerably cheaper. And honestly, I’ve seen no lack of function, there’s nothing I could do in RingCentral that I can’t do in smrtPhone.”

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Justin Ellis

CEO of Wolfnest Property Management

No Hidden Fees

smrtPhone will never charge you hidden fees. In addition to the charges for usage, we charge applicable taxes and there are some compliance fees related to business texting.