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Lifetime Commissions

Once you sign a client on, you earn up to 30% lifetime commissions on their smrtPhone subscriptions. 

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Maximize your reach and elevate your brand with cross-promotion between you and smrtPhone. Sponsored content opportunities means more potential clients, and more revenue.

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 Priority Support

smrtPhone’s support is already lightning fast, but becoming an affiliate ensures VIP access to our support team. Help your clients immediately if anything goes wrong. 

 Why Become a smrtPhone Affiliate?

Generous commissions and the chance to improve your clients’ productivity make smrtPhone’s Affiliate Program a no-brainer for any ambitious business leader. 

Increase Your Clients’ Productivity

smrtPhone is a cost-effective and efficiency boosting tool. By integrating smrtPhone into your client’s businesses, you’re giving them the leg up on competition. Share the gift of smrtPhone and your clients will thank you later.

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Shape smrtPhone’s Future

As a smrtPhone Affiliate, you’ll be in the inner loop of product development and can have a strong voice in new features, designs and functionality. If there’s something niche or unique to your industry, you get the chance to build the feature of your dreams. 

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Make Supplemental Income

smrtPhone’s generous and scaled commission structure based on subscription revenue means you can be making thousands while you sleep. Lifetime commission allows up to 30% of their subscription revenue. 

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Are you the right fit for our Affiliate Program?

We often find success from the following types of affiliates:

  • Business Coach/Mastermind
  • CRM System Developer
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Highly Connected Industry Influencers
  • Event Producer
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“I’m a marketing nerd. It helps me as COO to be able to track how our marketing is doing. How many calls are coming in? What are our live answer rates? How many are being missed? The longer salespeople are on the phone, the higher chance of converting that call into a deal.”

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Melissa Johnson

COO, Express Property Solutions