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Call Logs

Automated tracking of every call, text, and voicemail directly on your contact records, whether inbound or outbound.

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Secure Records

The latest information is always at your fingertips, including full communication history, call notes, and call recordings, all stored securely.

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Multiple Dialers

Synced dialers mean you are always in touch. Access recent calls, inboxes, and synced contacts effortlessly, from any of our multiple dialer options.

Don’t Let Anything Fall Through the Cracks

smrtPhone understands the delicate nature of running any financial business, with data and security being at the forefront. Keep all communication up-to-date and on record with a phone system that’s as reliable and meticulous as your business.

Data Integrity

We only partner with CRMs where we can enable a direct connection, cutting out opportunities for data loss. Eliminate the need for manual tracking or pushing data between systems without automation. Our all-in-one phone platform furthers your data confidence.

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Complete Records

Automated tracking of calls, texts, voicemails with recordings, notes, and customizable statuses straight into your CRM means whenever you speak to a contact, you have the full picture to focus on building the relationship. Plus, our extensive (and free!) KPI reporting helps you identify areas of opportunity to scale faster.

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Transparent Pricing

smrtPhone’s pay-as-you-go model has no hidden fees. Every payment can be matched directly to the exact usage, giving you a clearer view into what it takes to run your business.

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“The biggest benefit for me is the ability to track the call and make notes as I’m having a conversation with my client. After a phone call, I quickly mark whether I spoke to the person, or if I had to leave a message with somebody else. smrtPhone keeps me on track.”

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Tim Parris

Tax and Bookkeeping Professional