All-in-One Phone Platform for InvestorFuse

Your REISift Phone System

Voice, text, inbound, outbound, mobile app, tracking phone numbers, power dialing, call monitoring and recording – the list goes on! smrtPhone is your central source for all of your telecommunication needs. One login, simple billing, fully synced with no data loss. All-in-one, all integrated. 

Large Lists? No Problem. 

smrtDialer is multi-line power dialer that allows you to call 4x the leads and close 4x the deals. The large lead lists inside of REISift are a breeze for smrtDialer. Or, you can load a spreadsheet directly into our system and push only the qualified leads to your CRM. With tons of customization options automatically synced back to the CRM, you can zero in on high value targets faster. 

All-in-One Phone Platform for InvestorFuse
All-in-One Phone Platform for InvestorFuse

Get Smarter Every Time

smrtPhone’s tracking and analytics fill in missing data in your pipeline metrics. Get the true full picture of your KPIs and the actual effort it takes to close a deal. Instant tracking phone numbers help you optimize your marketing campaigns.  Call Monitoring and agent coaching makes sure nothing slips through the cracks. Free reporting means you can quickly get smart about what works and what doesn’t. Always know where you stand, who to contact next, and how you can close more.

What clients love about

the REISift integration

Easy to Use
smrtPhone is out of the box and set up in 5 minutes and it effortlessly scales as you grow. Instant phone numbers, customized call routing, IVR, voice, text, call monitoring and recording, and much more!
Fastest Speed to Contact
Configurable call flows means no incoming call has to go unanswered. Up your outbound call rate with an integrated multi-line power dialer, that allows you to dial quicker and close more.
Subscription is at the Account - not User - level, giving you the ultimate flexibility in growing your team. Pay only for what you use, with transparent billing and usage logs to help you keep track.
Data Integrity
Because smrtPhone is an all-in-one platform the data flows seamlessly between products. You can have the utmost confidence in your data and reporting because you’ve minimized the risk of data loss.
“The integration of smrtPhone and REISift is powerful on multiple levels. Not only does it increase your speed, which allows you to connect with more leads in a single day, but it provides KPIs and insights that help you focus in on the highest value targets first."
Tyler Austin

Take it for a spin

smrtPhone is a flexible and scalable system that you can use at your desk or through your mobile device. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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All-in-One Phone Platform for InvestorFuse