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Click-to-Call and Text

Call or text directly from your CRM with one click. Don’t use multiple systems, let powerful integration merge your systems to save time.

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Power Dialer

Our integrated power dialer means more calls and more deals, all in one system.

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KPI Reporting

Free KPI reporting helps you understand where your time and money is really being spent so you can inform future strategy.

Why Choose smrtPhone for REISift?

Data-Centric from Day One

REISift started as a data management company, and their CRM maintains that mission. Tracking and analytics fill in missing data to your pipeline metrics, while smrtPhone’s free reports give you the full picture of your KPIs and the effort it takes to close a deal. Don’t make guesses when it comes to your real estate investments, use data to land deals.

smrtPhone integration with REISift to track phone calls

Large Lists? No Problem

smrtDialer for REISift means you can call 4x the leads, and close 4x the deals. Large leads lists from inside REISift are a breeze for smrtDialer. Or load a spreadsheet directly into smrtPhone and push only the qualified leads back to your CRM. Zero in on high value targets faster and increase lead-to-deal speed.

smrtDialer enables REISift users to call 4x the number of leads

Analytics to Make You Smarter

Instant tracking numbers help you optimize your marketing campaigns, and Call Monitoring and agent coaching ensures nothing slips through the cracks. Free reporting means you can quickly learn what’s working – and what isn’t.

smrtPhone reporting for REISift users

See smrtPhone + REISift in Action

Check out how REISift and smrtPhone integrate by scheduling a Customer Support Meeting with our dedicated team. Then sign up for a Free Trial to try it for yourself!

“The integration of smrtPhone and REISift is powerful on multiple levels. Not only does it increase your speed, which allows you to connect with more leads in a single day, but it provides KPIs and insights that help you focus in on the highest value targets first.”

Tyler Austin