Bring your organisation’s phone system into the 21st century
with a scalable, cost-effective, smrtPhone built directly for Podio

Simply stunning phone system

“I was really impressed by smrtPhone, so we worked with the team to make sure it is completely integrated with WAU Portal. The integration with Podio is amazing, and being able to have numbers all over the world all integrated into one system will help a lot of our clients!”

Øyvind Grønn Madshus, WAU Solutions / WAU Portal

Major Boost to Call Productivity

“smrtPhone has really enhanced our call productivity. Being able to call directly from Podio with a single click has been a real game-changer for us. Chris, who has limited use of his hands, now only has to at message me on a call and say “this is what has happened listen to the recording”. It has quadrupled his productivity, reduced his frustration, and enabled him to take a good place in the team.”

Suresh Paul, Equal Adventure

Why choose smrtPhone over CallRail?

Why choose smrtDialer over MojoDialer?

Completely Flexible, Scalable, SMART Phone System for Podio

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Built for Podio

smrtPhone for Podio doesn’t just integrate with Citrix Podio, it’s built specifically for it! Link your existing employees, integrate with your CRM to track calls…it’s all built specifically to work out of the box.

Your Phone System, Anywhere

Instantly purchase numbers in over 50 countries around the world. We can have your team up and running in just a few seconds with local and toll-free numbers available in many countries.

Free Yourself from the Laptop

Unlike many other VOIP solutions, smrtPhone for Podio is designed to let you work the way you want to work. Make calls using our clever online software, or link your mobile so you can keep working on the go.

Cost-Effective for Any Size of Team

We believe in making technology available to everyone. Our simple pricing structure makes it incredibly affordable for teams of all size to use smrtPhone for Podio.

Control Your Billing

There is nothing worse than coming to the end of a month and getting an expectedly large bill. That will never happen with us. Our detailed billing is based on pre-paid credit for call charges, meaning you can never overspend.

Built With Love

smrtPhone for Podio is a collaborative effort between two superstar Podio partners – Gamechangers and It’s a labour of love, and we’re committed to working with our users to make our phone better every day.

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