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Cloud phone system for your CRM

smrtPhone’s focus on deep, seamless integration is what sets it apart. All inbound and outbound calls and texts are automatically logged and tracked inside your CRM. Our Mobile App keeps you connected on the go.

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4 Line Power Dialer

smrtDialer allows you to level up your outbound calling speed and efficiency with full data integration. Load a cold calling list directly into the system or pull a curated, dynamic list from your CRM. Easily track performance metrics to accelerate growth.

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Why do our customers love smrtPhone?

  • Instant phone numbers
  • Easy number management
  • International and toll-free numbers
  • Comprehensive team management
  • Listen, whisper, and barge on calls
  • Flexible call management
  • Call tracking
  • Calls and texts logged directly in CRM
  • Full featured Mobile App for on the go
  • Integrated power dialer
  • Send and receive SMS/MMS
  • Call and agent performance tracking
  • Simple billing and pay-as-you go pricing
  • Call recording

Real Estate Investor

Larry Goins

"We've gone through, Google Voice, FreedomVoice, CallRail. When we saw how smrtPhone integrates seamlessly with our CRM, we knew we had to make the switch. With smrtphone, it was a seamless process and we started seeing the benefits right away."

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Never lose track of a phone call or SMS again

smrtPhone is a flexible and scalable system that you can use at your desk or through your mobile device. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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