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Geo-Caller ID

Geo-Caller ID allows you to automate the phone number you use to match the person you’re calling, perfect for REI professionals looking to localize.

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Immediate Numbers

Buy phone numbers within minutes in any area code or region you need, no matter what market you’re trying to tackle.

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Tracking Phone Numbers

Figure out what marketing channels are actually landing you deals by using Tracking Phone Numbers and smrtPhone’s free KPI reporting.

Your REI Phone System

smrtPhone has been in the REI space for years, and we know what you need to move through your lead pipeline efficiently and effectively. We understand that you don’t just make calls, you build relationships and provide solutions for your clients.

Build Better Relationships

The quicker you respond to your leads, the better the chance of a closed deal. Plus, call statuses allow you to focus your pipeline on the highest value leads. Up your game with automated responses, drip sequence follow-ups and the ability to see every bit of communication history tracked in your CRM.

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Master Your Marketing

Make better decisions on how you spend your hard-earned marketing dollars by tracking inbound leads via tracking numbers. Easily report on the volume and conversion of your lead sources by assigning a unique phone number for each source. Don’t just guess where your leads are coming from – be sure.

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Expand Your Markets Instantly

Buy numbers in different markets (and even countries) and control everything from a central platform. Dynamically adjust your outbound based on regional and geographic locations so you’re always coming up as the local option. Familiarity breeds trust – be the best option in many places at once.

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“Our different marketing phone numbers can be routed to Acquisitions, but it also gives the prospect who’s calling the option to enter a DNC list, so we don’t have to deal with people who are never going to be a real prospect.”

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Asad Jamal

CEO at Atlantis Homebuyers

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