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Why smrtDialer?

A power dialer that syncs directly to the CRM you already love,
connecting you to more people, in less time.


All-in-One System

Use the phone numbers you already own for inbound and outbound communication, which means the same numbers for sales dialing, regular calls, and even text messages. It’s not a standalone power dialer, it’s a piece of the smrtPhone puzzle that pulls everything you do together. Access your full communication history, with familiar numbers for your leads and customers, in a time-saving, organized system.


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Accelerate Your Business

smrtDialer means speed without chaos. Choose between 1 and 4 lines to simultaneously dial, optimizing your outbound reach. Import unlimited contacts for high volume calling, while choosing only qualified leads to push to your CRM, keeping you focused. Don’t waste time on unnecessary clerical work, manually copying over notes, or dialing one number at a time ever again.


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Smartly Manage Your Team

Growing teams have many users. smrtDialer’s unnamed seats allow you the flexibility to move users in and out of campaigns with ease. View performance metrics of agents and campaigns to figure out what’s working, and what isn’t. With smrtPhone Pro you can even monitor smrtDialer calls as they happen live.


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Flexibility Where it Matters Most

You choose where to pull leads from, via spreadsheets or your CRM. Select the phone numbers for Caller ID, set the call script and assign agents to dialing seats. Unlimited, flexible campaigns means power dialing for any occasion. Set your agents up with a big lead list so your sales team has fast access to worthwhile follow ups.


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smrtDialer Overview

smrtDialer in 60 Seconds

“With smrtDialer we’re even faster than we used to be. We run through all the numbers, figure out which ones are good or bad. Before we had to find that out manually.”

Melissa Johnson COO Express headshot
Melissa Johnson

COO, Express Property Solutions

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Why People Love smrtDialer

Don’t just take our word for it, many happy customers are glad they chose smrtDialer for their power dialing needs.