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Become a smrtPhone Integration Partner

smrtPhone was created through a partnership between two companies, and partnership is in our DNA. We’re always looking to integrate with CRMs and technology/software companies that complement our system. 

Why Become a smrtPhone Partner?

Direct Integration

Automate clerical tasks that are wasting time, and transfer data seamlessly. With direct integration comes faster and more productive applications for your clients, which in turn builds loyalty for your customers

Cash flow

Shape smrtPhone’s Future

As a smrtPhone partner you’ll be in the inner loop of product development and can have a strong voice in new features, new designs and new functionality. With a direct line to our developers, you help shape the products in a way that directly benefits your users.

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Priority Support

Our support team is already lightning fast and staffed by experts, but as a partner you benefit from a more personal relationship with support, to ensure that your questions and issues are dealt with prioritized consideration.

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Cross-Promotional Opportunity

We only choose to partner with companies we believe in, so once a partnership begins we are proud to promote and list those integrations in our marketplace and on our blogs, social media and to our many thousands of customers. Plus, you receive commission on the customers you bring: up to 30% of subscription revenues for anyone you bring, for the lifetime of the client.

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