smrtPhone is made for by (and for) Podio Partners

The two companies behind smartPhone are active and passionate Podio Partners, who were brought together because of their mutual activity in the Podio Partner programme.

We know firsthand exactly how powerful the Podio Partner network can be, which is why we’ve designed the smrtPhone Partner programme to give all of our Podio Partner colleagues a top-notch bit of kit to integrate into their clients’s Podio organisations, and bring a strong recurring passive income for the partners.

For every paying client of yours you refer to us earn

30% of subscription fees per month

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Why integrate smrtPhone for your clients?

We do the
Heavy Lifting

smrtPhone has been developed by a cracker-jack team of coding professionals and Podio enthusiasts, and we’ve built the system to be rocksolid and scaleable. You can rest easy knowing your clients’ phone systems are in our hands, and we’re looking after them every minute of the day. As a partner, you’ll have priority access to our support team, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure all of your clients’ systems are supported quickly and efficiently.

Add Value to
Your Clients

Phone integration is one of the most requested features we have seen our fellow partners talk about. Not only will smrtPhone save your clients potentially hundreds of dollars a month in phone feeds or subscription charges, being directly integrated into their Podio means they have full tracking of phone calls across their organisation.

Help Shape
smrtPhone’s Future

One of our favourite parts about being in the Podio Partner network, is the relationship we have with Podio and the input we have on the product’s development. We want to build the same relationship with you! As a smrtPhone partner you’ll be in the inner loop of product development and can have a strong voice in new features, new designs and new numbers.

Make Money While
You Sleep

When we designed our Partner programme, we wanted to make sure it brought real financial benefit to our partners, which is why for every paying client you sign up to smrtPhone, you’ll receive 30% of all subscription revenue for as long as they are a paying customer of ours. That adds up really quickly, and you can soon find yourself making hundreds of dollars a month simply for giving your clients a better system.