Call Recordings + Quality Customer Support Keep Marissa Hooked on smrtPhone


Marissa is Director of Operations at Ogle Properties, a fast-paced property acquisition firm specializing in wholesaling and cash offers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. She started at Ogle as an Assistant and moved into Leads Management before stepping into her current leadership role. Marissa’s career path has given her unique insight into the full lifecycle of a deal and a keen ability to build and manage diverse teams in a thoughtful and strategic way. She leads a team of 13, guiding both process and culture to ensure a fast growing, profitable pipeline.

Why Does Marissa Love smrtPhone?

Ogle Properties covers many real estate locations in Oklahoma, including multiple major metropolitan cities. With that kind of coverage comes many sellers and many buyers. No matter how strong a team Marissa builds, technology is a necessary component to managing the marketing and lead generation that Ogle Properties faces. At a certain point, technology has to shape your processes, and Marissa is the type of involved leader that is proactive rather than reactive, when it comes to her technology partners. 

Call Recording & Monitoring as Proactive and Reactive Strategy

Marissa loves smrtPhone’s call recording and monitoring features. Hearing how her agents work helps Marissa build a dynamic team of employees who complement each other. It’s not just about listening in for quality assurance, it’s also a tool for Marissa to learn about her team so she can leverage their talents and better manage them. 

“The number one thing we use it for is knowing what’s constantly going on. We use it so that I know every single person on my team: I know their opportunities, and I know their strengths.”

Besides a team-building tool, Marissa has learned first hand that Call Recording can also keep you out of legal trouble. When she has access to what they are saying, she can ensure all of her staff are following company standards. 

“I can’t hear recordings from my team’s personal cell phones. We had a huge compliance issue at the beginning of the year from an employee not using the recorded line and doing things they shouldn’t have been doing. smrtPhone helped us figure that issue out.”

Though it’s not ideal, compliance issues can arise, and Marissa notes that smrtPhone helps its users be proactive rather than reactionary. Keeping calls on recorded lines encourages compliant behavior, as well as allowing for a speedy resolution to any issues that may occur. 

smrtPhone’s inherent simplicity coupled with comprehensive documentation allows for a seamless user experience. 


Marissa knows that any piece of technology will have a learning curve, even if it’s intuitive – but smrtPhone’s documentation resources helped make getting up to speed efficient and productive. 

Not everyone who uses phone systems will be technologically savvy, as Marissa learned when teaching smrtPhone to a diverse team:

“You can have both technical and non-technical people adapt to it quickly, 1,000%. That was the main thing I was worried about when we onboarded. The unknown was scary, but we just did it. And the articles were SO efficient. We were set up within an hour when we made the change.” 

At the end of the day, Marissa’s loyalty to smrtPhone revolves around her team and how best to support them. smrtPhone may be a phoning company, but it’s people who make the calls – understanding how they work, how they learn and how best to support them is the real goal. Let smrtPhone be the tool that helps your team’s best assets shine through.