smrtPhone’s Call Tracking + Creative, Easy-to-Use Call Flows are a Winning Combo for AJ


Asad Jamal – or AJ – is the CEO and Founder of Atlantis Homebuyers, a real estate acquisition company focused on providing stress-free homebuying solutions in North Carolina. Atlantis is a busy team that makes a high volume of outbound sales calls, while also requiring an efficient way to manage a similarly high volume of inbound communication. When looking for a phone system, one of AJ’s top requirements was a deep integration with his CRM, Left Main for Salesforce. smrtPhone fit the bill … and then some! Beyond the integration, AJ needed his phone system to help with agent training and streamlined call processes that save him time and money. 


Call Monitoring + Call Recording for Training and Constant Improvement

The right phone system shouldn’t just be part of the sales process – it can also be part of team onboarding and training. AJ recognizes the importance of training up his agents correctly, and live Call Monitoring means new hires can listen in on his calls to get a sense of how Atlantis Homebuyers lands deals. When they’re ready to make their first calls, AJ stays on the line – unbeknownst to the lead – to ensure everything goes smoothly. He coaches his agent without the other person hearing via smrtPhone’s Whisper feature. As a last resort, he can even enter the call to provide assistance.

The training doesn’t just stop with Call Monitoring, because AJ also uses Call Recordings to go over which calls went well,  or find out where Agents have room for improvement. AJ is strategic in how he looks at Call Recordings, focusing mostly on the calls that take longer than 10 minutes. 

As CEO, AJ knows proper training and regularly checking in on Agent performance ensures consistency and growth for his team – and good tech helps him do it. 



Intelligently Designed Call Flows to Save Time – and Avoid Dead-End Calls

Beyond using smrtPhone for training, AJ and his team have gotten super creative with Call Flows in their sales process. They’re not only how you receive calls, but an opportunity to introduce strategy to how calls are routed in the most efficient way. A no-brainer Call Flow that Atlantis easily set up was adding an option for callers to DNC themselves via an IVR Menu. 


“Our different marketing phone numbers can be routed to Acquisitions, but it also gives the prospect who’s calling the option to enter a DNC list, so we don’t have to deal with people who are never going to be a real prospect.” 


AJ also utilizes many hundreds of numbers and Call Flows allow him to route callbacks back to his Acquisition team via smrtPhone numbers. That way, he can change numbers every day, but anyone interested in calling back will be routed to a permanent smrtPhone number, rather than getting lost due to cycling. 

Atlantis Homebuyers utilizes 17 different Call Flows, some of which are crucial if an employee leaves. It’s easy to edit a Call Flow so whoever is active at Atlantis will be sure to get the call, even if the prior user has left. 



Everything AJ loves about smrtPhone – from Call Flows, to the native dialer within his CRM, to the reports about long Call Recordings – is about saving time. For a fast-paced industry that relies on first mover advantage, AJ knows time is money. Your phone system shouldn’t just help you make and receive calls, it should be a strategic tech collaboration that helps you build faster, leaner and more lucrative processes.