In Conversation with Greg Farricielli of Greg F Real Estate

Located in Nashville, TN, Greg Farricielli is a real estate investor, wholesaler, licensed broker, and host of the podcast “Deal Shredders.” With a small, tight team, Greg is hands-on with the daily management and growth of his business, Greg F Real Estate. He also provides education for aspiring real estate investors. Greg uses both smrtPhone Pro and smrtDialer to increase productivity, maximize marketing ROI, and effectively manage his team.

Greg sat down with smrtPhone Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan Fleming, to discuss his business and the power of smrtPhone. Below is an excerpt of the conversation. 

Tell me a little about your business. 

We mostly deal with land acquisition to build new construction homes. We cover a whole range, from 1-100 units. Another avenue we pursue is purchasing multi-family properties for rentals, buy and holds. Those are the two main things we focus on besides normal real estate sales listings and retail buyers.

How important is integrating communications like phone and texting to your lead management system?

I’m glad you asked, because, for me, the most important thing is your time, right? You value your time per hour for whatever you produce. You want to know where to put your time and where not to put it. 

What is not my best use of time is picking up the phone and dialing. And what’s not best use of my time is when people are calling back is for me to interrupt a very important meeting to answer the phone. On the other hand, what I do want is to measure where success is coming from. I like to be able to measure, to see how my campaigns are working. 

Having a system like smrtPhone that helps manage all of [your communications] is literally the most valuable thing your business can have, besides the actual contracts that come in.


How do you manage your agents doing outreach? 

You have to know what’s going on, how leads are progressing, and the activity levels of your team. You want to see, you want to hear what your cold callers are doing. [With smrtPhone] you can listen back and be able to give them feedback for training. You want to know if they’re working their shifts, how they’re calling, how many calls, do they take breaks. You can see their flow and make sure it’s routing to the correct person. You have to connect the correct lead source to the correct person. That’s huge.

That’s a big piece of what we designed smrtPhone Pro to do for you: the ability to actually monitor calls live, from a training point of view, from a quality point of view, and from an assessment point of view.

I think that’s one of the number one things if you’re hiring cold callers that are around the world.  It’s great to go back, to see that they’re using the right script with the right people, that they’re putting the right phone number and voicemail, that they record the correct voicemail to drop. We are able to manage and set the expectation for when they call and build the precise workflow for it. 

And, it’s great for when they are passing off leads, too. If they are on smrtDialer and they have a good conversation, they pass the good leads over to the CRM and Podio. When I pick that up, I want to be able to hear that call. I want to hear the tone of voice. I want to hear their mindset behind the call, and what their frame of mind is. With that knowledge, I can go in now and crush the callback. Then, you have a really good conversation. They don’t feel like you didn’t know what you’re doing and catching up because you already had a good feel for the call. It’s like you’re just taking over; they’re happy. They know you’re doing your homework, and I know you mean business.

Do you use the geo-Caller ID to match your numbers with the region you’re targeting? 

Absolutely. We do multiple markets, and we basically have an area code everywhere that we work. The biggest thing is figuring out where that source came from. Before it was like “well, let’s look at all our systems and try to find it,” and that takes forever. Now, it’s just there. That’s a huge time saver.

Do you use the smrtPhone mobile apps? 

Yes. I like that you can take your full Podio CRM of leads on the road with you and everything is there: call text, voicemails you receive. You can make calls, with everything fully synced in, everything immediately available. I’m really surprised at how well this app works, by the way. All our acquisitionist are there, logged into it. And they’re able to respond at home and it uses the smrtPhone number. This works so well.