About Yoram Zara

Yoram Zara is an Israeli attorney (license number 23465) based in Israel with offices in Portugal. Yoram specialises in Portugal Sephardi Citizenship. His family immigrated to Israel from Turkey. He is decedent to the Baruch, Sasson and Habib families. Yoram has extensive knowledge of Sephardi history and culture. Yoram is well acquainted with the procedure and people of the Jewish communities in Portugal.

Learn more about Yoram at www.Sephardic.pt



Why does Yoram love smrtPhone?

Make Calls Directly from Podio
“At the beginning, the staff were using their mobile devices or their landline devices to call. As the team grew, It was much more expensive. Also you’d need to explain to the client why the call is not coming from Israel.”
Recorded Calls
“As the team grew, there was the need to record the calls. We’d even use the recorded calls as tutorials for newcomers.”
Easy to use Internationally
“smrtPhone enables people all over the world to call easily. The calls are of high quality, no noises or interference, and you don’t waste time on dialing or finding numbers and you’re also saving costs.”
User Experience
“There was another software we were using but it didn’t have the overall Podio experience. Everything turned different colors and it took up 25% of the real estate on the screen. It was too intrusive. smrtphone, it’s a part of Podio and it doesn’t interfere.”