About Equal Adventure

smrtPhone allows the Equal Adventure team to work their way

Equal Adventure consists of two halves, a not-for-profit and a charity. Their mission is to inspire and resource outdoor adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

They achieve this by doing everything from designing and making equipment to delivering training, activities, and expeditions as well as supporting other organizations around the UK and around the world to be more inclusive and more active with participants with disabilities in outdoor sport and physical activity

Learn more about Equal Adventure at https://www.equaladventure.org/


Why does Suresh and Equal Adventure love smrtPhone?

Call recordings
“Being able to record a call, being able to take notes and being able to pass that onto a staff team member efficiently is really, really important. smrtPhone allows us to have people working their way. It’s not just a business management. It’s kind of the heart of it where equal adventure from the inside out. So not all of our really talented staff members, right. And read as their first language, they make things or they’re absolutely fantastic. Canoeist climbers, whatever. Um, so actually being able to pass a really accurate referenced call recording, round the team to get a real picture of what’s what needs to be done so that you get the good audio is really great.”
“We are able to find answers to most of our questions within the Podio community, but whenever we’ve had problems with any setup or we’ve had any minor issues, then the smrtPhone technical team have been right on it. We don’t get lost in a huge ticket referencing system. I know that the smrtPhone team is working on it. That’s been absolutely fantastic and that’s why we love it.”
Note Taking
“Being able to take notes, and transfer notes easily. Being able to be on the call then relate that to a marketing opportunity, or a repair, or a training course, or an expedition. It gives us 100% clarity to funders as a charity or to clients on the not for profit side.”
“The biggest benefit for us is working efficiently and allowing our staff team to work the way they need to work regardless of their disability and regardless of their communication preference.”