It’s All About Speed, Speed, Speed


How a Lean Real Estate Solutions Team Uses smrtDialer with REISift to Save Time, Clean Lead Lists and Go 4x as Fast 

Jaime Lazcano of has been with REISift since its inception. He loves how data-forward the CRM is, and that the leadership’s goals and values align with his and his company’s. As he puts it, “when you’re nerdy and want to know everything about everything sales and marketing related– go with REISift. If you don’t care how stuff works, go with another CRM.” 

Jaime understands the importance of collecting data and really analyzing it to know what areas are truly profitable. Jaime’s company, TXOffer, does a lot – they find their own properties, fix them up, and will keep some of those properties in their portfolio while others are sold at retail (he’s a licensed real estate agent, to boot!). That means a ton of information to keep track of, some of which needs to be kept separate, but all meticulously organized. 

When REISift announced smrtPhone as their phone system integration partner, Jaime made the leap without hesitation. He trusted Tyler Austin, the CEO of REISift, and once he got to know smrtPhone’s CEO, Jordan Samuel Fleming, he fully understood why they were chosen as the preferred partner. “With some companies, we have meetings and no one shows up. With smrtPhone, we literally have a monthly Q&A with the CEO on with our team.” Six months in, and Jaime is over the moon with smrtPhone’s deep integration with his trusted CRM. 



smrtDialer to Dial Faster 

Jaime’s team is lean on purpose. They believe that technology, when used correctly, can make a small team as efficient as a larger one. smrtDialer is a huge part of that efficiency-focused decision making. As he puts it, “we probably do as much with 2 cold callers as some teams do with 8.” When using smrtDialer, TXOffer uses 3 simultaneous lines to call out, saving time while calculating the likely response rates of their lists. 

When you use multiple lines to call out, you’re cutting out the manual labor of trying every single phone number attached to a property. Odds are, some of those numbers aren’t going to yield a connection. By utilizing multi-line dialing, you’re slashing your outbound calling time by up to a four time multiplier. 

Clean Lists with smrtDialer 

There are many ways a company can use smrtDialer, but Jaime’s team especially loves it for cleaning up probate data. As we mentioned, smrtDialer allows his agents to call multiple lines at a time – but the beauty is that every call is sending back ‘Call Outcomes’ to his CRM, REISift. If a number is a dead-end, that info is updated instantly and pushed to their CRM. Bad numbers are weeded from the good ones automatically. 

From the numbers that do connect, his cold call specialist can select a status such as Do Not Call, Interested, or Voicemail. These status’ are updated in the CRM, cleaning the list even further. 

When it’s time for one of Jaime’s lead managers to tackle a call campaign, that first round has already been done. Bad phone numbers have been eliminated, and anyone who isn’t interested was already caught by his cold calling specialists. A clean, ready-to-tackle list is available for his experienced lead managers to hone in and start making sales.  


Data to Stay Organized  

Anyone that loves data knows that your data is useless if it’s not organized correctly and readily accessible. Deep integration between smrtPhone and REISift means that nothing falls through the cracks. “smrtPhone and REISift really give you the opportunity to create and understand data. And when you understand data, you can find areas that make you highly profitable without doing what everybody else does.” 

Sometimes that means sitting on information for a long time – years, even. Jaime loves Call Recordings and Call Notes that sync up with all of his contact information in REISift. “smrtPhone allows us to keep everything tied to data. It allows us to keep our data clean, because it integrates so well: everything is tracked, every single step on any one house. We have that conversation recorded directly in REISift from smrtPhone, and we can come back in 10 years and understand exactly what the conversation was like.” 


Advice From a Pro 

The best part about using systems that are already honed and beloved by real estate investors is that they’ve figured out the tips and tricks for you. Jaime recommends separating your smrtDialer numbers from your marketing numbers: your marketing numbers are permanent and used for only one purpose. Never muddy the pool. “And know what each number is doing,” he makes sure to emphasize.  

He suggests using both smrtPhone Pro and smrtDialer, and to clean your lists before you get an experienced lead manager’s time involved. Last, but surely not least: don’t be afraid to ask questions! His team loves to utilize live chat.

Every real estate investor and small business owner likes to think they know their market – but with clean data, KPI Reports, and hard evidence to back up gut instincts, you can’t go wrong. Jaime trusts the leadership at REISift and smrtPhone because of the constant improvement and the attention to customer input that drives innovation. Jaime has three words to describe the smrtPhone and REISift integration, that sum it all up: 

Simple, but in a good way. Reliable. Visionary.