Learn Why This Fast-Paced Miami Home Buyer Loves smrtPhone for Podio

Lazaro Perez is CEO of Peak Cash Offers, a home buying company based out of Miami that does it all: fix and flip, wholesaling, rentals. Because Peak Cash Offers does so much, organizing and ensuring efficient communication is of critical importance. 15 employees and 61 active phone numbers means Lazaro and his team rely on smrtPhone to be a communication hub that works seamlessly with Podio, their chosen CRM.

Lazaro Perez has been with smrtPhone for years, when he was on the hunt for a well-integrated cloud phone system that worked well with Podio. The decision was simple. SmrtPhone was the most user-friendly, and it focused on making it easier to connect voice and text to Podio.

Seamless Integration with Podio

When asked what he likes about smrtPhone, Lazaro immediately jumped to the integration that smrtPhone offers with Podio, citing the ability to connect to the different folders and views inside his Podio build.

Lazaro’s business relies on purchasing houses at a good price. He can then fix and flip, wholesale, or turn them into rental properties. He has used Podio for years, and adopted smrtPhone when he learned how well the two systems integrate.

“Obviously to make sales we need to speak to a lot of sellers, and that begins in our Seller Leads App. It’s where all of our new leads enter, regardless of source, whether it’s direct mail, PPC, cold call or SMS.”

From the Seller Leads App, lead managers and acquisition agents can begin to screen those leads, making sure that they’re qualified to sell. Lazaro and his team use both the regular smrtPhone dialers, as well as smrtDialer for this stage of the process.

“I also really like the ability to integrate the recording of a call back into my seller leads app, because then that makes it way easier for us to do our quality assurance.”

Lazaro and his team use labels to show how important each call is. They realized that the length of a call recording can be a trigger for warranting attention, and smrtPhone makes it easy to review after the fact.

“Within those leads, we break them down by different views. Direct mail might have the highest importance, and then you’ll have other folders with 150 leads who’ve never picked up the phone – that won’t have the same level of importance, perfect for the speed of smrtDialer.

Phone Number Strategy

Besides having a phone system that integrated seamlessly with his CRM, Lazaro touched upon the importance of owning many phone numbers without wasting a single one. His team has 61 active phone numbers, all intentionally purchased and used.

Tracking phone numbers are crucial when marketing in the real estate investment industry. A marketing tool to help understand what channels are performing best, tracking phone numbers help businesses hone in on how to spend marketing dollars.

“If we’re sending out direct mail, we want to know what’s performing best. And the best way to do that is to know where the calls are coming from. We differentiate our campaigns per market, and break that down by phone numbers.”

Split testing further helps Lazaro learn which campaigns have higher conversion rates so they can stop wasting time on what isn’t working. Phone number strategy is more than just buying a couple of phone numbers in your area code – it’s about campaign analysis and management.

Area Code Matching is another tool that Lazaro and his team love, which changes outbound phone numbers to match local, regional area codes. This leads to the team buying more phone numbers, but with great returns. Well-used area code matching often yields more pickups, since the call looks familiar to the recipient.

“My sales guys are always looking for an edge. For them, the different area codes are another angle to talk to someone. And we always make that happen.”

Peak Cash Offers offers a painless solution to Miami-area customers who need to sell their homes fast, without without the hassle of high fees or long closing times. Learn more about Lazaro and his team here!