About Tim Parris

 As a tax professional, Tim stays on track because of smrtPhone’s deep integration with Podio

Tim is the sole operator of a tax and bookkeeping preparation firm in Canada. Tim works with about 300 clients annually. Tim started working with Canadian taxes in 1989. Presently he serves clients around the world helping both resident and non-resident taxpayers save money in their dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec.

Learn more about Tim at http://taxtim.ca/

Why does Tim love smrtPhone?

Call Tracking
“The biggest benefit for me is the ability to track the call and make my notes as I’m having a conversation with the client. Equally when I’m finished the phone call, marking down whether I actually spoke with the person or if I had to leave a message with somebody else, smrtPhone keeps me on track.”
Ease of use
“I’m just trying to remember if there’s been an actual problem that I’ve had, and I don’t think there has been anything in the last year or two that I’ve actually had to call on support for, because smrtPhone works so nicely”