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One-Click Calls and Texts

Call or text from your CRM or any web page. Drop down notification banners let you answer from anywhere.

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Auto-sync to CRM

Real-time syncing to and from smrtPhone means you have all the information you need, when you need it.

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KPI Reporting

Free, in depth reports help you hone in on what’s working (and what isn’t.) With data fed into your CRM, your pipeline analytics have never been sharper.

Why smrtPhone?

smrtPhone only works with CRM systems where we can have a true 1:1, closed connection. Avoid data loss, get real-time insights, and power greater automation to keep your team focused where it matters most: closing deals.

Customizable for Everyone

Built for small and medium-sized businesses, but flexible and powerful enough to fit anyone, no matter where you are in your growth. Start with us when you have 1 employee, and stay with us when you have over 500. Dream big, now.

Free Mobile App

Take smrtPhone on the road and close deals from wherever you are. Your contacts are always with you and you can easily make and receive calls and texts, with all logs and notes synced to your CRM. Stop using your personal number to do business – keep it separate and seamless with smrtPhone’s Mobile App.

Integrated Power Dialer

Our multi-line dialer, smrtDialer, powers up to 4x the calls, getting you through lead lists and follow-ups in record time. Fully integrated with smrtPhone, all call data and notes are instantly synced. Free reports help you understand which campaigns are most successful, and which need improvement.

Transparent Pricing

smrtPhone is built on a straightforward pricing model of subscription + usage, all at the company/account level. You can sign your team up for discounted, annual contracts or go month-to-month for flexibility. Detailed logs help you keep track of every penny, making your ROI calculations more accurate than ever. With more capability and transparent billing, smrtPhone is the obvious, cost-effective choice for profitable businesses.

More Calls. More Texts. More Deals.

smrtPhone Overview

smrtPhone in 60 Seconds


“We’ve gone through, Google Voice, FreedomVoice, CallRail. When we saw how smrtPhone integrates seamlessly with our CRM, we knew we had to make the switch. With smrtPhone, it was a seamless process and we started seeing the benefits right away.”

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Larry Goins

Real Estate Investor


Quick Answers to Common Questions

No. You must have a CRM to use smrtPhone. Our deep integration with our CRM partners is what sets us apart and allows us to provide greater efficiency, enhanced automation, and clearer reporting for our clients.

smrtPhone integrates with six CRM platforms including Salesforce, Podio, InvestorFuse, Forefront, Realeflow and REISift. We also work with dozens of custom CRM configurations built on these platforms. We add new integrations on a regular basis and we welcome your suggestions for the next one!

Yes – you will not pay a subscription fee until you activate your account. You are responsible for any calls and texts that you make during your trial, and there are some limitations on a trial account. Learn how to get the most out of your free trial with this article.

Yes, you can! Sign up for a 30 minute tour with one of our Client Success Agents. We also encourage you to check out our pre-recorded demos right here on the website.

You purchase smrtPhone on the account level. You get 10 included users on the Standard plan and unlimited users with our Pro plan. We intentionally do not charge per user like most of our competitors, because we recognize that many companies have many types of employees, some of whom only work part-time or need limited access.

We do not offer an unlimited plan because we think it’s important for you to know exactly how much you’re spending on communication to close and service your deals. Most providers that offer unlimited plans are either looking to make money from unused usage or they hope you don’t read the fine print and charge exorbitant fees. With smrtPhone, you never get a surprise bill. 

Our chat is staffed with real, live people every weekday from 9AM – 9PM ET, and we monitor for emergencies at other times. Our response time is under two minutes, and if you leave a message outside of working hours they will get back to you lightning fast on the next working day.

Yes! There are more FAQs in our Learn More section of the website, or you can check out our FAQ documentation in our help center.