Where is my office? Everywhere!

Solving the pain points of remote worker communications

Your cell phone is the one item that never leaves your side – when juggling the complexities of having a rich personal life with a successful business, your mobile phone unites the multiple sides of you. It only makes sense that your business phone must adapt to the changing landscape of what it means to do business.

No Office, No Problem… Except a Few…

For many reasons, the world is becoming everyone’s office. Even for industries that historically relied on physical office space, it is becoming clear that employees can be just as productive, if not more productive, when they are able to choose where they work. Many businesses have always existed outside of the realm of a cubicle. Lawn care specialists, real estate professionals, roofers, solar technicians – they spend the bulk of their time outside, on the go, where business follows them.

What hasn’t existed before is a reliable way to make business communications seamless wherever you work. Especially if you’re in a relationship business, where making personal connections with prospects and leads is crucial to filling your pipeline, having an antiquated or piecemeal phone system can create problems.

Communication challenges with remote, decentralized work force:

  • Difficult to Separate Work from Life. Though we all intend to have work-life balance, important calls and last-minute decisions often bleed into our precious personal time. Unless you’re updating your mobile device address book with your clients and prospects you probably won’t know who is calling. You might ignore an important call, or you could answer in a loud, unprofessional environment, giving a bad impression to your lead.
  • Duplication of Effort. If you are updating your personal cell phone contacts app with your business contacts, you are inefficiently duplicating the effort of your CRM. Smart professionals keep their businesses lean, which means cutting out unnecessary effort.
  • Missing Important Calls. If you don’t use your personal mobile number and don’t have a decent alternative, you are setting yourself up to miss an important incoming call. You will find yourself checking voicemails only to find out that your lead wanted to talk earlier in the day, or using clunky and outdated call forwarding that doesn’t allow you to see who’s calling.
  • Risk of a Maverick Salesperson. When call information is decentralized, the relationship exists between the prospect and the rep, not the prospect and the company. Additionally, when an employee uses their personal phone for business, you always risk the loss of their precious business information if they choose to part ways with you.
  • Lost data. When you receive a call and you’re away from your desk, it can feel laborious to take notes (do you do it on physical paper? In your notes app, and hope it makes sense later?), especially multiple times over the course of a day. Even with the best of intentions, notes that are entered into your CRM hours later will never be as precise and helpful.
  • Lack of Reporting. Any call that is taken on a personal number is not being tracked in a way that will give the data a business needs to sharpen processes and keep a high-quality pipeline. How many calls does it take to close a deal? You can only report on what you track.
  • Expensive to Manage Business Cell Phone Plans. When you’re an employer, giving every employee a cell phone can be an expensive and logistical nightmare. Yet you want each employee to have a business phone number that is separate from their personal, both to preserve their work-life balance and to ensure professionalism. Managing all of the hardware and the mobile phone plans is practically a full-time job and an unnecessary burden for a company that’s looking to scale quickly.
  • Loss of Control. All of the above points lead to the biggest problem of not having integrated business phone systems: the inability for a company to have oversight into the business communications of employees. Your phone system is more than a utility, it is the key connector to your leads, prospects, clients, and partners and you need to be in control.

According to research, Remote workers are 35-40% more productive than their in-office counterparts

The smrtPhone Mobile App Offers a Seamless Business Experience

The smrtPhone mobile app is a necessary solution to the change in modern work routines.  It creates a centralized, unified experience, while allowing employees the freedom and choice in workflow.  No matter where you are, it ensures that work and productivity never suffer no matter what’s going on outside.

The smrtPhone Mobile App was created with its users in mind, both business owners and their employees. smrtPhone’s Mobile App allows users to do business on the go, an invaluable option when business is increasingly less office bound. Whether it’s during a tour of a new property, checking in on a sale while at your child’s soccer game, or travelling between engagements, we want our users to be able to receive and make productive calls.

Work/life integration – Though smrtPhone can’t stop someone from calling you while you’re on the go, its app can ensure that you know it’s a work call when it comes through separate from your personal phone number. You know it’s a business call when it’s coming through smrtPhone’s Mobile App, and that simple separation can keep you more organized and give you peace of mind. Your business contacts live inside the smrtPhone app, the rest of your life stays on your phone.

No office, no problem(for real!) –We want users to realize that the most important benefits of your CRM can exist inside your mobile phone. Contact information, Caller ID, multiple phone numbers, group inboxes, call notes, call recording, call tracking, transfers – these functions are unlocked with your smrtPhone app. With smrtPhone’s Mobile App, your contact information is synced no matter where you are or who forwarded you the call.

Opportunities belong to the company, not a person – When using smrtPhone’s mobile app, business contacts and notes are synced seamlessly to a collective database. Companies can ensure that networks of leads and clients are easily accessible to anyone who needs them. With smrtPhone’s mobile app, business contacts and notes are preserved in the cloud, for future use. Sometimes employees leave, and that’s okay! What’s not okay is losing the priceless information they’ve accumulated. The smrtPhone app allows for business contacts to live not on one local cell phone, but in the cloud, sharable and accessible. Additionally, as soon as an employee leaves, call flows can be swiftly updated so there’s no interruption of service to clients and potential clients.

Note taking on the go –smrtPhone’s Mobile App allows you to take call notes and make recordings which are entered immediately into your database, meaning you’ll never miss an important detail, or rely on memory to connect the dots later.

No more business cell phone plans – smrtPhone’s Mobile App solves this problem by allowing multiple phone business numbers to ring on a personal cell phone without needing to purchase new hardware, all by going through the app. Your employees can have a personal number and a business number with one phone, the calls never getting confused. If the situation arises, the process of “offboarding” can be as simple as terminating their smrtPhone user account. Their personal cell phone stays theirs, while their business number is still in use by the company. Plus, billing for subscription and usage is all at the company level – giving you flexibility in team structure and management. The best cell phone plan for your business is to simply use the free smrtPhone app.

One system, fully integrated –smrtPhone’s Mobile App is just one part of a full featured cloud based phone system that locks in deeply with your CRM. Communications handled through the smrtPhone Mobile App effortlessly sync with your CRM and the entire smrtPhone platform, including a web application, mobile app, and optional multi-line power dialer. You never have to duplicate data entry or worry about missing an important call or text. All of your information is all in one spot, making it easier for you to do business better.

smrtPhone subscribers: Download the smrtPhone Mobile App today!

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Requirements and availability: iOS and Android, requires data to use (Wi-Fi or cell data.) Must have an active smrtPhone subscription.