Creating a human experience is a main tenet at smrtPhone.

We want to help our clients create better human connections with prospects, leads, clients, and partners so you can grow your business and create a positive brand reputation. And we want to make sure we remain approachable, responsive, and helpful to our own prospects, leads, clients, and partners – to not only grow and build loyalty, but also to make sure our growth path is one that is relevant and exciting to our audiences.

It’s a virtuous cycle. We do our best to help and support our clients to understand and use our applications to the fullest. In turn, we need you to share your perspective and provide feedback that helps us innovate, create positive change, and evolve the product to create an even better user experience.

It may sound cliche but it’s true: we think of all of our clients as part of us. One big smrtPhone family. All functional, thriving families are good at having conversations with each other. Sometimes those conversations are difficult. Sometimes you are asking for help. Sometimes you’re the one giving the help. We support each other and create new ideas and embark on adventures together. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with you.

It’s important to us to keep the conversations with you flowing.

There are three general buckets for keeping in touch. Whether you need help or have a fantastic idea for a new feature – we want to hear from you. Here’s how:


Browse our Documentation. The first place to go when you need a quick answer should be to our extensive documentation. We have articles, how-to guides, video tutorials, step-by-step instructions. FAQs, and more. And our collection of help docs grows every day. To get there, you can click on the❓question mark icon at the top of your smrtPhone dashboard or navigate to Browse by section/collection or use the search bar at the top to find what you’re looking for.

Start a Live Chat. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our Support team is available to answer your questions via live chat weekdays from 9am-9pm ET / 6am-6pm PT.  Click the chat icon in the lower right corner of your smrtPhone dashboard or start a conversation from the Settings tab on your smrtPhone Mobile App.  After hours messages are returned the next business day.

Read What’s New. To keep up with the latest feature releases, be sure to check out our “What’s New” announcements, available from the ???? bell icon at the top of your smrtPhone dashboard.


Submit a Feature Request. Have a great idea? We want to hear it! Have a so-so idea? We want to hear it, too! Feature requests can be submitted from the What’s New ???? icon from the smrtPhone dashboard – simply navigate to the second tab for Feature Request submission. Click “Suggest a Feature” at the top and complete the form.

Upvote or Comment on an Existing Feature Request. Even if you don’t have a specific idea of what you want to see in smrtPhone, you can still influence which feature will be the next one to be developed. Head over to the Feature Request tab and hit the “upvote” button for the ideas that you support. The ideas with the most votes literally float to the top! Or, help grow a seed of an idea by using the comments feature to elaborate on an initial thought posted by someone else.

Join Our Beta Testing Team. For any major new feature, we release it to clients who have enrolled in our beta testing program before general release. As a beta user, you get first access to new features in exchange for offering your feedback and suggestions on how to make it better. Learn more about the smrtPhone beta program here >>


Join the smrtPhone User Group. Now live and active on Facebook, the smrtPhone User Group is a great place to get ideas, learn inside tips, and share your knowledge with others. Sometimes the best way to learn is from peers who have been in your shoes – but also it’s monitored by us and we do our best to answer questions as quickly as possible. (Please note: all technical support questions should go directly to Live Chat.)  Join the group here >>

Attend Feature Focus Live. The last Tuesday of every month at 2pm ET / 11am PT, we host a live, open forum for smrtPhone Users. We spotlight a feature or setting and then open the floor for Q&A about anything that is important to you. Register for the next live session here >>

Read the Newsletter. On the last day of each month, we email a roundup of the latest feature releases, news, updates, and announcements. We try to save inbox outreach for only the most important messages and announcements. This once-a-month summary newsletter covers all the latest happenings to keep you up to date. If you’re not seeing it, check your junk folder and make sure you have whitelisted in your email account.


Our goal is to turn every smrtPhone User into a SUPER USER. We strive for continuous improvement every day. Let us know how we can do better. We’re here for you.

Happy phoning!