smrtPhone has loved the privilege of serving its customers for 5 years! With 2022 coming to a close, we wanted to shout out our newest features and massive growth from just last year. If our success is measured by our customer’s successes, then it’s safe to say we’ve had an amazing 2022! 

Besides 40 new features – yes, 40! – we’ve had the privilege to host way more texts and calls for our customers.

smrtPhone's increase rate for inbound and outbound calls and texts this year


You’re all KILLIN’ it! And it’s not just about how many calls are made or received, it’s also about the constant improvements we’re making that let you make more calls, faster.

Whether it’s by searching your inbox on mobile, setting unique permissions for your Users, or enabling Webhooks to automate processes, 2022 was about improving our User Experiences – which means more deals! Check out this overview of our new features, with links to find out more: 


Support Improvements 

User Group Moved to Facebook

Extended Support Hours

Request Feature In App

Monthly Virtual Meeting for Users

New Mobile Features 

Customize Incoming Call Display

DNC a Contact from Mobile App 

Reply with MMS from Mobile App

Voicemail Transcription in the Mobile App

Send Photos in Text from Mobile App

Search Inbox on Mobile

smrtDialer Upgrades

Visible Outbound Caller ID in smrtDialer

Dynamic Call Script Option in smrtDialer

Record Directly Into a Campaign

Archive and Restore a Campaign

Multi-Agent Calling on One Campaign

Geo Caller ID for smrtDialer (Pro Feature)

Dialer Improvements 

Recent Calls Synced Across Dialers

Rename Contacts Directly from Your Dialer

Operational Updates

Filter/Sort Phone Numbers by Purchase Date

Record Directly into Media Manager

Incoming Text Alert – with Sound!

Granular Permissions for Users

View Subscription Renewal Dates

Sort smrtPhone Call Logs by User

Easy A2P 10DLC Registration

That Tech Stuff

New Parameter for SMS API: Group ID

Webhooks Available in smrtPhone

Pull DNC Info from your CRM via smrtPhone API


Speaking of That Tech Stuff – did we mention that Jordan Fleming, our CEO, launched a new podcast? Jordan knows it all when it comes to real estate tech so in 2022, he debuted a podcast that discusses just that! That Real Estate Tech Guy explores the intersection of real estate investment and the technology that every REI Professional needs to be using. We’re so proud of Season 1 – give it a listen, and stay tuned for Season 2, premiering in 2023! 


That Real Estate Tech Guy logo


2022 is also the year we announced deep integration with a new CRM: InvestorFuse! We also made tons of improvements to our established integrations with both Podio and Salesforce, so rest assured no CRM gets special treatment when it comes to smrtPhone – deep integration with more CRMs is coming soon! 

Thanks for helping us close out an incredible year, and we’re already looking forward to what new features and products we can build and improve in 2023. Here are some spoilers: be on the lookout for a fresh smrtDialer any day now, and did someone say they need a fully integrated Lead Source Management?  


Happy Phoning,