Everyday, people switch over to smrtPhone from other providers, and today I want to deep dive into one of them: CallRail. 

I reached out to some of our customers who migrated over from CallRail and put together the top three reasons why people choose smrtPhone over callRail. After walking through these reasons, I’m going to do a little deep dive into what it means for your wallet as a business owner moving over from CallRail to smrtPhone. So let’s take a look.

Reason #1: Full Podio Integration

Unsurprisingly, the first reason people give us is the one I cover all the time: our full Podio integration. When I spoke to our customers, podio integration means different things to them. 

For some people, it means having click to call features, or the ability to go inside Podio and click a phone number to have smrtPhone dial immediately. These calls are then logged directly into Podio with that contact.  

For others it’s about inbound calling. When a call comes in, they can see exactly what tracking number it is, who’s calling and then click once to get to their call/lead record.

The fact that all calls and texts are recorded in Podio (including agent, phone number, lead information) immediately without having to do anything saves your team a lot of time. It means you can get the most out of your team members if you use Podio. Our Podio integration is truly the best around. 

Reason #2: Dedicated Mobile Apps

The second reason people love smrtPhone over CallRail is because of our dedicated mobile apps. This means you can use the same smrtPhone functionality on the road as you would in the office. 

You can make and receive phone calls knowing exactly who’s calling you and take notes on your app and call dispositions. It gives you enormous functionality and ensures that your staff is using a business phone number instead of their own cell phone numbers.You can also send text messages from the app. Of course, everything gets directly synced into Podio. 

Reason #3: One System for All Your Needs

The third reason people love the smrtPhone platform over CallRail is because you can get everything you need in one phone system. Many of our clients were used to using multiple systems to achieve the same thing smrtPhone can do in one. 

One of those systems was mojo sales for their autodialer. They were using CallRail to track the numbers and using mojo sales to do their SMS campaigns. That meant their data was flying around, but none of it really worked together. But with smrtPhone, everything is integrated and works perfectly together. 

In Podio, your inbound/outbound calls AND texts are logged and recorded. And of course, if you’re using the autodialer, it means you don’t have to download your list, upload it into another system, download the results, and upload it back into Podio.

With smrtDialer, everything is connected into Podio. With everything being in one system, your business can increase efficiency while also saving money. 

What Does it Cost to Switch Over to smrtPhone?

Let’s dive into the finances. When I talk to people about moving over from CallRail to smrtPhone, the first thing they ask me is how much and what’s included. On the outside, they tell me smrtPhone seems to be too expensive for them because CallRail has so much included with it and smrtPhone doesn’t. 

But is that really true? Let’s take a look at what that really means. On one hand, CallRail’s basic package is $45 a month and includes 10 numbers, 500 minutes, and 100 text messages where smrtPhone’s standard subscriptions are $50 a month. Ours comes with 10 users, but it doesn’t include any numbers, minutes, or texts. 

So what’s the catch? 

If you go over the 500 minutes or 100 text messages with CallRail, the charges start to mount quickly and it can make a big impact.

CallRails starts charging at 5 cents per minute, and texts are being sent at 1.6 cents per text. Let’s look at a scenario that’s common to our users. 

Example: Pay Less with a smrtPhone Subscription    

They’ve have four staff members, so they have got four tracking numbers. They do 8,000 minutes a month and send 3,000 text messages. So with CallRail, they’d be looking at $45 for the subscription and $375 for the 7,500 minutes. Since they went over their allocated 100 texts, they would also pay another $46 for the 2,900 texts.  

With smrtPhone’s standard subscription, we’d be looking at $50 a month for the subscription, $160 a month for the 8,000 minutes, $34 a month for the 2,900 text messages, and $20 a month for the four tracking numbers. 

That means you’d be paying smrtPhone $264 versus the $466 to CallRail. 

If you were to choose smrtPhone PRO plan with all of its features, it would only cost you $294 a month opposed to the $466 so smrtPhone is actually more cost effective for most of our users. 

With us, you pay as you go, so we don’t jack up the price. Once you hit a limit, you always have a fixed rate. 

Interested in Making the Switch? Let Us Know!

The example above is a great reason why people are making the switch to smrtPhone over CallRail. It’s more efficient, all the tools are located in one smart system and the Podio integration is the best in the world. 

And of course on top of that, for most people, smrtPhone is cheaper as well because of our pay as you go policy. Have any questions or ready to make the switch? Reach out to us on our website. Happy phoning!

Jordan Fleming