From the very beginnings of smrtPhone, one of the main goals was to create THE best phone system for Podio. Of course, after a couple of years we realized that every CRM and user could benefit from the power of smrtPhone so we’ve expanded to other CRMs. But we’re still the best and most seamlessly integrated phone system for Podio (and hey – Podio agrees!). 

If you use Podio, or are thinking about scaling your business to incorporate a new CRM, you need to understand why your phone system shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be a powerful, strategic partner to your business. 


What makes smrtPhone the Right Partner for Podio?

First of all – Podio did their research, and decided on smrtPhone as their preferred phone partner. That says a lot, but let’s dive into why they came to that conclusion. 


Fast Setup with Long-Term Capabilities

Podio users can have smrtPhone set up in 5 minutes or less. We want you dialing because dialing is how you start and close deals. Your phone system should never be the barrier between you talking to leads as soon as possible. 

However – a lot of “out of the box” phone systems promise a fast set-up, but they’re not the systems that will grow with your business and its complex needs. smrtPhone is unique in that it allows you to start dialing lightning fast, but can also handle the deep integration needed for a business to grow from small, to medium, to enterprise. Podio can allow for a lot of complex automations and processes – it needs a phone system that can complement it. 

One example of why Podio Users will have an easy time adopting smrtPhone? You can convert Podio Users to smrtPhone Users seamlessly during set-up! 


Speaking of Seamless Connection…

You need your communication with leads and clients – calls, texts, voicemails – to live in your CRM because it’s a crucial component of your relationships and deal cycles. A phone system that doesn’t seamlessly connect will never be sustainable long term – especially as you grow! 

With smrtPhone, one-click calling and texting is possible within your Podio system. In fact, smrtPhone has a native integration with your Podio system to log all calls, texts, voicemails. Make a call from inside your CRM, or on the go from Mobile, and you will immediately see a record of the contact. Your users and colleagues are on the same page, and details live everywhere you need them to. 

In keeping with our seamless connection, it’s important to point out that data integrity is a forefront concern, and the way smrtPhone integrates with Podio ensures that your information is as safe as possible. You’re never pushing data around via third parties or other apps, because of the nature of deep integration. Your data is delivered in real time, through a direct connection.


You’re in Control 

Another great thing about smrtPhone and Podio’s integration? Not every smrtPhone User has to be granted access to your CRM. 

A well built Podio CRM could have tons of sensitive information, whether that’s HR related or valuable client info. You might need a ton of people calling out of smrtPhone – like virtual assistants or new Agents – but you don’t want them inside of Podio, able to break the build, or access sensitive data. That’s possible with a smrtPhone and Podio Integration! 

Your smrtPhone Users can make calls, send texts and be assigned to smrtDialer Campaigns without needing access to Podio – but that communication will still be synced to Podio! It’s the best of both worlds for any business.

Individual User Permissions go even further by allowing you to choose what each User can or cannot do within your smrtPhone phone system, such as control finance decisions, access Call Logs, or edit Call Flows. 


Save Time with Workflow Automation 

Podio Users can send automated texts directly from their CRM, such as triggering follow-up messages to ensure leads are being worked properly and no lead is left behind. After a quick set-up involving the smrtPhone SMS API and Podio Workflow Automation, you’re able to compose and send text messages directly from your Podio Contact Records or have them sent for you based on status changes inside Podio. 

Automating texts saves time, and creates consistency in communication. Craft the perfectly worded follow-up text to send to leads after your first communication, then set it and forget it. A good drip sequence follow up can be the difference between letting a warm lead go cold or becoming your next major deal! 


Power Dialing With Podio  

Power dialing is often a necessary component of sales-based businesses, and choosing a phone system that can integrate deeply with their preferred CRM can be what turns a solid lead list into multiple revenue-generating deals. So what makes smrtPhone’s power dialer the right choice for Podio?


  • Pull leads directly from Podio, or upload an Excel file and only push qualified leads back to Podio, in order to keep your CRM clean. Having options is important, because not every lead list is created equal! 
  • Single-line or multi-line dialer options, which let you call up to four people at once from the same number – saving time and increasing the chance of a connected call. 
  • Customizable Status Filters allow you to set your own status after a call, such as Converted, Wrong Number or Interested. Custom filters allow you to create any status that might be unique to your business, and these statuses can trigger Podio Workflow Automations. 


Real-Person Live Support For Our Real Customers

smrtPhone is, first and foremost, a human company. Though we specialize in technology, we understand that without a human connection to our customers, or the human connection our customers have with their clients, technology is useless. 

This is why we’ve always offered live customer support with real people – no bots. From 9 am ET to 9 PM ET, Monday-Friday, you can chat with a real smrtPhone expert. In fact our response time is currently under two minutes! We know that many questions and issues are unique to the customer’s situation, and having a real person guide you through a solution is a differentiator we’re proud of. 


Multiple Dialers – All Integrated with Podio 


Google Chrome Extension

One of the most powerful features of smrtPhone is the ability to make calls and send texts straight from Podio. You can enable click-to-call and text by using our Chrome Extension – inbound calls drop-down directly into Podio, so you can see who’s calling and take the appropriate action. Plus, using the extension, you can convert Podio phone fields into smrtPhone. 

Your Chrome Extension dialer creates a Click-to-call Dialer within Podio – a seamless call experience that Podio recommends as their first-rate phone partner. 


Web App 

Your smrtPhone browser-based dashboard Web App is a central hub for dialing – it’s also where you’ll use smrtDialer, if you need a power dialer. Even though the Web App is through smrtPhone, it incorporates all of your Podio Contacts, and any calls or texts made from the Web App will seamlessly sync to Podio. The power of a deeply integrated phone system is that regardless of which dialer you’re using, it’s never separate from your CRM. Three Dialers to Fit Your Needs


Mobile App 

Not every phone system offers a mobile app – which we think is a mistake when so many entrepreneurs are constantly on the go! Sure, you always have your personal cell phone number but not only is that a liability for your business, it’s leaving important calls and texts outside of your CRM! Keep all records of communication in lockstep with your CRM so that nothing is missed, and no one is doubling up on work. The smrtPhone Mobile App is free and available on Android and iOS, and from there all of your Podio Contacts are available at your fingertips.  


Podio Discount

If we haven’t convinced you that Podio and smrtPhone is the dream team of CRM and phone systems, maybe we can entice you with a discount! If you sign up for a Podio premium Account, you get $100 of free credit towards smrtPhone which can be spent on calling, texting, buying numbers – whatever you need. 

No hardware is needed, and our documentation and customer support is unparalleled, so it’s a great opportunity to learn by doing. 

Maybe you’re already a Podio user that needs a better phone system, or you’re a small company ready to make a jump in size, but either way: when you make decisions about your CRM and phone system, you have to think big. What will make the most sense as you grow in size, complexity, and revenue? Dream big and choose a phone system that will dream with you!