We’re going to take a look at smrtPhone’s Podio Integration ability and the four key reasons why our customers have chosen smrtPhone over any other system in the market.  

Reason #1: Call Your Leads With a Single Click   

The first reason is the click-to-call feature. When you sign up for smrtPhone, we give you access to our Chrome plugin, which converts the Podio phone fields into smrtPhone fields.  

The first reason is the click-to-call feature. When you sign up for smrtPhone, we give you access to our Chrome plugin, which converts the Podio phone fields into smrtPhone fields.  

This means that you can directly call any number in your Podio system through your CRM or smrtPhone app. When you click the number, it will automatically open the app and call for you.  

While this seems like a simple feature, it saves our customers a lot of time by being able to simply click the number and have it dialed right away, especially when they’re having to call several different leads.  

A Unique Way the Click-to-Call Feature is Helping SmrtPhone Users   

This feature has also helped a variety of customers in ways we never imagined.  

For example, one of our customers told us that the click-to-call feature has enabled one their employees, who has motor disabilities, to be a full, productive member of the team. In the past, it was difficult for them to use a phone, but now they’re able to use a mouse to click the phone number and initiate a call right away.  

Reason #2: Get Fast Access to an Inbound Caller’s Contact Record  

The second reason our customers have chosen smrtPhone is the direct link to their CRM system in the phone’s UI. This means when you’re on a call, you can click one button and have full access the contact’s record.  

After speaking with a few of our customers who are call centers or are doing a lot of outbound marketing, they’ve said this feature has allowed their call agents to see exactly who is calling and do a quick click to get all the information they need about the caller.  

It’s that link between the phone system and their CRM that’s missing in so many other systems. 

Reason #3: Send SMS Texts From Your Business Phone Number  

The third reason our customers prefer smrtPhone over any other system is because of the SMS API. Most people know they can send and receive SMS texts with smrtPhone’s app, but they don’t realize how powerful our app can be for their business.  

If you’re using Podio and have access to GlobiFlow, then you’ll know there’s an enormous workflow capability there and with our SMS API, you have the ability to automate so much.  

How the SMS Feature is Saving Our Customers Time and Money  

Here’s a couple of examples…  One of our West Coast customers has a sales rep who goes onsite to appointments but has the problem of people not showing up to their appointments, therefore, wasting their business’ time, money, etc.  

However, because they use smrtPhone in their Podio system, we’re able to initiate a 24-hour text message reminder which means a day before their appointment, the system would automatically send out a text message saying all the details about their appointment and giving them a smart button– something you can do inside GlobiFlow. 

The customer can then click the button within the SMS text to confirm the appointment. This results in fewer missed appointments and less wasted money on people who were never going to show up in the first place.   

Reason #4: SmrtDialer and it’s Seamless Integration with Podio  

And finally, the fourth feature our customers love is our native smrtDialer. Before we launched smrtDialer, a lot of our customers kept asking us to create a feature like it because they were using Mojo Sales or Mojo Dialer.  

While they’re great systems, they can’t integrate with Podio, meaning our customers were using multiple databases that weren’t seamlessly moving things forward. With smrtDialer and its four-line auto dialing capabilities, you can track all of your leads in Podio and have your agents quickly work through them on a daily basis. 

Manage More Leads in Less Time with SmrtDialer  

I spoke to one of our customers the other day who has scaled back on the number of call agents they have because they’re able to get through so many more leads in less time with SmrtDialer. Not to mention, everything is integrated with the Podio system, unlike any other system on the market.  

If you’re currently using smrtPhone, we’d love to hear how it’s working for you and your business. Reach out to us on the smrtPhone user workspace and let us know how you’re finding smrtPhone, smrtDialer and this iOS app improving your business.  

Happy Phoning!  


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