Make Better Business Decisions with smrtPhone Data

Having your phone system integrated with your CRM is a powerful way to amplify productivity, but it’s also a great tool for continuing to refine your business model to achieve peak performance.

The best business decisions – the ones most likely to succeed – are made in context, informed by data. This includes communication data.

At smrtPhone, we collect all kinds of communication data that will gives insight into how your business is running. In our KPI reports you can find information at the company level, by agent, by phone number, and by dialer campaign. You can break it down by inbound/outbound, calls/texts, dispositions, and time of day, to name a few.

Armed with this information, you can make better decisions about how to refine your operations – from reforming processes to training employees to marketing investments.

communications data in smrtphone gives business insights


Here is a sampling of business decisions influenced by smrtPhone KPI data:

Optimize marketing investment

With smrtPhone, you can get a series of tracking phone numbers in minutes. When you place a different contact number for each marketing asset, based on channel. For example, you use one on your digital ads and a different number on your bandit signs. You can create a “friendly name” for each phone number in your portfolio – so we recommend naming them something that coincides with the marketing channel. Then, when you look at the Number Performance report, you’re able to see how each channel performed. You will easily see the strongest and weakest marketing assets/channels. You can then decide to refine the marketing approach or sometimes you simply decide to turn a channel off altogether, if it’s not producing results.

Improve lead sourcing

When you look at call answer rates broken down by disposition, you’ll be able to clearly see which lead lists have the highest success rates. The lists of contacts and prospect phone numbers that appear as wrong number or disconnected or DNC – these lists are most likely unvetted. You can learn a lot about the quality of your lists – and make decisions about lead sourcing in the future, based on the call disposition reports in smrtPhone.

Bolster your team

By looking at Agent Performance reports, you’ll be able to see your top performers and agents who either don’t understand or don’t have the talent to perform at your standards. You’ll also begin to get a sense of what is a reasonable set of expectations from your team regarding call volume and average time on call. You can take your top performers and use them as training opportunities for struggling employees, by modeling how it’s done. In some cases, the agent performance data will point to someone who is simply a bad fit for your business model and needs to be let go.

Perfect your schedule

Successful phone communication isn’t always about the agent, it is also about contacting your prospects at the time of day when they are most receptive. The smrtPhone Activity Report provides heat maps that highlight the best time of day for answered outbound calls. You can also see the busiest inbound call times. All of it is good to know for staffing purposes. You never want to miss an opportunity to connect with a welcoming prospect!

smrtPhone provides reports that show the best time to call

Refine your processes

By looking at your inbound/outbound calls and texts, you can begin to uncover the winning combinations that result in the most closed deals. How many follow ups does it take, on average? Looking again into the agent data, you are able to assess who is having the most productive call times. Typically longer conversations are better – they are having engaging conversations, building trust, and gathering information. Listen back to the call recordings as teachable opportunities for the rest of the team. Update your scripts based on what shows in the data to be most successful.


These are just a few ways that you can better your business through communications data. We’d love to hear what you use to make decisions – maybe we’ll include it in an upcoming blog post!

When it comes to communication data found within smrtPhone, it can help point you in the right direction to manage your team better, improve operational protocols, target audiences more effectively, and invest your marketing dollars where you’re going to get the maximum ROI.

To read more about available KPIs in smrtPhone, click here to read our Reports documentation.