smrtPhone will be the first phone system to fully integrate into InvestorFuse’s real estate investor CRM.

smrtStudio Global, Inc. brings a deep integration of smrtPhone and smrtDialer to REI professionals using the InvestorFuse CRM


Thanks to decades of real estate investment industry experience on both sides, the partnership between InvestorFuse and smrtPhone is a natural one. Real estate investors can have smrtPhone and smrtDialer seamlessly integrated into their InvestorFuse CRM, bringing efficiency-boosting expertise to an already stellar platform. 

At smrtPhone, we want to expand our footprint while also being strategic with who we partner with. “InvestorFuse has a great history within the real estate investment community,” says Jordan Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder of smrtPhone. We are selective about who we partner with because deep integration is at the core of the value we bring our clients. We strive for a seamless customer experience where calls and texts to prospects and clients are one-click accessible and communication data is effortlessly incorporated into the sales process.  We’re proud to be the first and only phone system integration with InvestorFuse. 

“They have always taken the lead in building out fantastic CRM functionality for investors to manage and close their leads. It’s been great to work with them to fully embed our cloud phone platform and multi-line power dialer into their system for better communication controls and tracking.”  – Jordan Fleming, CEO of smrtPhone


Customer First Partnership 

An important quality of InvestorFuse that resonates with us at smrtPhone is their commitment to the customer: InvestorFuse was born out of customer feedback, and their ultimate goal is to take a unique action based system approach to all areas of the REI space. smrtPhone is similarly driven by customer feedback and utilization. Your CRM and your phone system should be unique to your needs, and this partnership only furthers the possibilities for our current and future customers. 


Highlights of the new integration include: 

  • One-click calling and texting from inside InvestorFuse
  • Acquisition KPIs right next to calling KPIs
  • Integrated multi-line power dialer and Mobile App that sync seamlessly to the CRM
  • Advanced communication features including Call Monitoring, Geo-Caller ID, and Group Calling

“At InvestorFuse, we have always been focused on building the best acquisitions tool for real estate investors. We love the smrtPhone team and product for the same reason, they are uniquely focused on building the best communications tool for real estate investors. The smrtPhone product is the best choice for our customers because not only does it have all the features they need but they are also focused on continuing to develop and build new features that will give their users value.” –John Whitfield, CEO of InvestorFuse


Register for our Webinar to Learn More

An open webinar to learn more about the partnership and demonstrate the integration is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13th at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Secure your spot to attend live or receive the recording by registering here.