10 New Features + 3 Customer Experience Announcements!

smrtPhone has started out 2022 strong with some major features, registration for 10DLC A2P, reporting enhancements and more! Plus, 3 announcements that all focus on an even better customer experience.  Let’s take a look at the new features added to smrtPhone over the past 4 months:


1) Filter/Sort Phone Numbers by Purchase Date 

For a better understanding of phone number performance, you can now filter your phone numbers based on when they were created: select a specific date, a pre-set range, or a custom date range. Use this info to better strategize which phone numbers are performing, and learn more about phone number management here.

2) Recent Calls Synced Across Dialers

All of your recent calls are now synced across all dialers: Web App, Chrome Extension, Mobile – and since the feature was rolled out, we’ve also included Left Main! This makes it easier to track activity and get back in touch, no matter where you are. 

3) Send MMS From Mobile App 

Now you can send images directly from your mobile app! Using the “Add Image” button in the Compose Message screen in the Mobile App or if replying with an image, click the + icon, select a photo – and it’s sent! Read more about sending and receiving MMS messages in smrtPhone.

You can now attach an image to a fresh text message, using the “Add Image” button in the Compose Message screen in the Mobile App.

4) Voicemail Transcription in the Mobile App 

Save time and effort by enabling the transcription of your voicemails! Voicemail transcriptions will be sent to your CRM and to your Mobile App Voicemail inbox once you’ve enabled them. Scan a message without listening and make quicker judgements about the urgency of your voicemails.

To turn on this feature, Administrators should go to Admin > Account Settings > call Engine / General Settings > Transcribe Recordings

5) New Parameter for SMS API: Group ID 

This is primarily for our Podio users and developers: make it easier for agents to respond by placing an outgoing an outgoing automated SMS in the appropriate group inbox. All members of the group will be able to see the full conversation and understand the context of the contact’s response. Learn more here about SMS API parameters. 

New SMS API parameter: <smrtPhoneGroupId= >

6) A2P 10DLC Registration 

We launched an easy registration process for business texting, now a requirement in the U.S. You will benefit from improved text deliverability and increased throughput in the verified A2P 10DLC ecosystem. Register now in the Trust Center, and learn more about plan options in our A2P documentation. 

7) Feature Requests 

What's new on smrtPhone: Feature RequestsSend feature requests – in-app! We have activated a Feature request portal in the “What’s New” section of the smrtPhone Web App. Submit a new idea, build upon an idea that has already been logged, upvote ideas you love, or track what’s being added to our Roadmap!

8) Record Directly into Media Manager

You now have a way to create MP3 recordings for use in smrtPhone! Use your headset or computer microphone to create a recording directly into the smrtPhone Media Manager. Individual voicemail greetings can also be recorded directly into smrtPhone, from the My Account section of the Account Menu. Personal voicemail instructions here. 

9) Visible Outbound Caller ID in smrtDialer

When using a number pool to rotate outbound Caller IDs during a smrtDialer power dialing campaign, you can now see which of your numbers connected to the lead. This helps bolster credibility, build confidence with leads, and give easy access to all live call information. Learn more about Number Pools. 

Visible Caller ID

???? Dynamic Call Script Option in smrtDialer

We want you and your agents to have more powerful script options when you’re making calls. Our Call Script feature allows you to build a script directly in smrtDialer, add dynamic Lead Fields that update based on the connected contact, use WYSIWYG formatting to make it visually appealing, and save call script templates for use in future campaigns. 


Now onto our Announcements:


???? Monthly Virtual Meeting for Users

Join us on the last Tuesday of every month for a live forum, led by smrtPhone CEO Jordan Fleming. We’ll always start with a spotlight on a smrtPhone feature, then open the floor for general Q&A for training and demonstrations. Register here to receive reminders to join!

Feature Focus Live: Open Forum for smrtPhone users


???? Extended Support Hours 

Live Chat Now Available on Weekdays from 9am-9pm ET / 6am – 6pm PT. As always, on weekends we monitor the chats for emergencies and outages. All other issues are addressed the next business day. 


???? User Group Moved to Facebook 

As we expand to CRM’s other than Podio, we wanted to find a new home for users to gather for sharing ideas, learning tips & tricks, hearing about updates, and of course giving feedback to us at smrtPhone. Join today and introduce yourself! 


We’re always working on new features and improvements, so check back to find out what’s next!