Ensure total compliance with Do Not Call regulations by maintaining a global DNC list across all products.

To comply with legal regulations regarding contacting prospects and leads, you can maintain a Do Not Call list within your smrtPhone system.

The DNC Numbers list is global across your entire account:

  • DNC list operates at a company level (not by user)
  • Disables outbound calling and texting to that number
  • Impacts both smrtPhone and smrtDialer

If a lead or prospect indicates that they do not want to be contacted by you, by law you must not reach out again by phone or text. The DNC list is the easiest way to ensure compliance because your smrtPhone system will automatically and instantaneously check all outbound communications targets against the list. It prevents you from contacting anyone who has opted out.

There are three ways a number can be added to your DNC Numbers list:

1️⃣ Manually added by your team in smrtPhone or smrtDialer

2️⃣ Caller adds themselves through an option in your IVR system (DNC Applet)

3️⃣ Automatically added using smrtDialer DNC disposition

No matter how a number gets on your DNC Numbers list, the system disables calling or texting that number for all of your users to ensure compliance. Numbers can only be removed from the list and re-enabled for communications through a two step removal process that requires you to verify a legitimate reason for reinstating the number.