Learn Marketing and Sales Processes from Wholesaling Experts – LIVE!


Do you want to consistently and accurately predict volume and value? Eager to lock down 20+ deals a month? Join us on June 25th at 2 PM

In the fast-paced world of real estate investing, success hinges on data-driven decision-making, innovative marketing and making your software systems work for YOU. Join us as we learn how top real estate investors, Tiffany and Josh High, have built their thriving businesses, Results Driven REI and Heels Homes, Ltd. Not only that — they want to help you grow, too! This is a live training, dedicated to Tiffany and Josh sharing their methods and strategies so you can up your wholesaling game to the next level. Jordan Samuel Fleming, CEO of smrtPhone, will be in attendance so it’s a don’t miss event!


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Are you tracking the right KPIs?

Learn directly from Tiffany & Josh High:

→ How they track KPIs for their multiple 7-figure REI business as active investors

→ Which KPIs they’re tracking (most investors are forgetting to track at least one of these essential KPIs… and it’s costing them thousands)

→ How they’re using KPI data to make wise business decisions that ultimately lead them to consistently lock up 20+ contracts per month with a lean team of 3 closers and a few follow up specialists

Are your business tools working FOR you?

Ever felt like your CRM, phone system, and other workflow management software you are using to run in your day-to-day wholesaling or flipping operation could be doing more to help you drive results? When it comes to workflow management systems, one major mistake many investors make is installing these (sometimes expensive) systems without fully understanding them. Your systems have to be fully leveraged in order to streamline your business, which includes sales.

If your team isn’t locking up a minimum of 5+ contracts per month, it’s likely because you are not leveraging your CRM, phone system, and other workflow management software to their fullest potential.

Let Tiffany and Josh show you how they’ve turned their workflow management software and systems into powerful assets!

Are you getting enough motivated seller leads every month?

Tiffany and Josh want you to get a consistent flow of MOTIVATED seller leads, every month! Learn why the marketing channels you use directly impact your lead flow. Investors sometimes think that they can use the same marketing strategies they heard about 6+ months ago, but it’s important to constantly be changing your marketing strategy to what’s working right now.

This free training is for you, if you’re: 

→ Still relying on outbound methods like cold calling and texting (which is getting riskier by the day!)

→ Not operating with multiple marketing channels correctly, with niche lists and accurate data

→ Not leveraging free marketing channels (Tiffany & Josh are currently running 11 paid and free channels!)

If you come to this live training, you’ll learn: 

● The risks of relying only on outbound marketing and how to shift to inbound channels

● The benefits of using multiple marketing channels with the right data

● How to pull niche lists instead of macro lists and why this matters

● What lists and mailers Tiff & Josh are using to get 4x, 5x, and 6x returns

● Which free marketing channels they’re using and to use them effectively to maximize results

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Don’t let outdated methods hinder your potential in the competitive real estate market. Let Tiffany & Josh share their blueprint for success, backed by KPI-driven decision making and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Harness the power of KPIs, optimize your workflow management systems, and diversify your marketing channels to achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

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