smrtDialer Tops Capterra’s 2024 Shortlist in the Auto Dialer category!

Every year, Capterra publishes shortlists of the best software available to help consumers choose products. They use a blend of exclusive data and trusted reviews to ensure their lists are reliable and user for consumers. Capterra believes in an independent and free marketplace. smrtPhone’s own power dialer, smrtDialer, topped the list for their 2024 Best Auto Dialer list. Sitting in the top right quadrant means we have the highest ratings and popularity, compared to 175 other auto dialing systems.


smrtDialer is a power dialer (sometimes referred to as an auto dialer!) that allows you to call up to four lines at once, decreasing lead cycle time and increasing your chances of a connection with every ring. Your multi-line power dialer should be integrated with your CRM and phone system, not a separate system! We believe our all-in-one platform, offered at a transparent, pay-as-you go price structure, is the best of the best. We’re so glad users agree!

Here are just some of the perks of using smrtDialer:

  • Call 1-4 simultaneous lines
  • Pull lists directly from your CRM (or spreadsheet)
  • Auto-sync to CRM, including call statuses
  • A.I. Voice Detection
  • Call Scripts
  • Flexible Seat Swapping – don’t pay for more users than you need at any given time!
  • Free, robust, and customizable metrics for agents and campaigns
  • Unlimited campaigns – go wild!


But as always – don’t just take our word for it – check out the shortlist and see how we stack up against our competitors.

“smrtPhone has a power dialer! This is the best feature of smrtPhone. It integrates with Podio and Salesforce, which is huge – a major plus. I can see leads that I’m speaking with while on the phone.” 

“I switched to smrtPhone because Ring Central had terrible support, call quality was much worse than smrtPhone, and they didn’t provide us a with a dialer!” 

98 Capterra Score, ease of use, customer service, features, value for money


Happy Phoning! Be sure to read our full profile on Capterra and leave a review while you’re there. Plus, check out the other awards we’ve recently won: Stevie Award for Customer Support and Capterra’s Short List for Best Business Phone System