Salesforce Users can now access smrtPhone exclusively through Left Main CRM.

smrtPhone brings power of deep integration between your phone system and your CRM to Salesforce.

Thanks to our partnership with Left Main REI, real estate investors can have smrtPhone embedded in their Salesforce system. Never before has a CRM and a cloud phone system worked so well together. It’s a brilliant partnership, thanks to the same fundamental approach to maximizing automation, improving productivity, and enabling greater visibility into your business processes and pipeline.

It was a big deal for us at smrtPhone to choose the right partner to step beyond our tried-and-true Citrix Podio world to help more sales-driven businesses close more deals. Left Main REI was the perfect fit; both companies have deep expertise in the REI industry. We were looking to broaden our reach, and they were looking for more cost-effective (and just plain effective) phone systems to offer their clients.

We are thrilled to partner with Left Main and expand our footprint into Salesforce. Both companies bring established experience working with the real estate investment community, which made finalizing the details of our deep integration into their Salesforce platform practically effortless. Now, Left Main users can use smrtPhone to better communicate with prospects, track calls and texts, and close more deals.” – Jordan Samuel Fleming, CEO, smrtPhone

For us, it was really important that we didn’t make this move to only be able to slap up the Salesforce logo on our website for marketing purposes. The fundamental core of what makes smrtPhone the superior cloud phone system for heavy CRM users is the deep integration we deliver and the productivity that powers. We were not going to settle for anything less than the same level of lean efficiency, seamlessly data sharing, and ability to harness automation that we’ve been delivering to our customers for over four years.  After two months of beta testing and refinements, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of smrtPhone within the Left Main CRM built on Salesforce.

Shared Values, Shared Data

Left Main is known for delivering detailed insight that helps real estate investors strengthen their pipeline and accelerate the pace of deals. smrtPhone believes in radical transparency and minimizing clerical and administrative tasks through deep integration.

When you’re analyzing your pipeline and determining what it will take to meet your goals, it only makes sense that to have all of your communication data included in your KPI reporting. If your call and text data is missing, are you really getting the full picture? A weak connection between your phone system and CRM means data flows only one way or inconsistently, requiring manual intervention to transfer information, duplication of effort, and more time spent on managing a deal than on closing it.

With smrtPhone’s all-in-one platform fully integrated – including a full featured mobile app – data flows two ways, seamlessly. You have all of your contacts, calls, texts, and campaigns automatically logged in one easy-to-use, easy-to-analyze spot, whether you are at your desk or on the go. Add on the smrtDialer multi-line power dialer and the whole package is unbeatable.

“We are excited to collaborate with smrtPhone to continue to provide Left Main users options for integrated phone systems. It’s a familiar phone choice for real estate investors and we are elated to have them on our platform!” – Stephanie Betters, CEO, Left Main REI

To learn more about the Integration of smrtPhone into Salesforce, check out our Left Main integration page >>