CRM Showcase: InvestorFuse

Learn why InvestorFuse is an action-focused, time-saving CRM ideal for real estate experts

John Whitfield, CEO of InvestorFuse, is our second guest of our “CRM Showcase” series, highlighting the great CRM partners that integrate with smrtPhone.

Jordan Fleming will be in attendance with John to showcase how InvestorFuse works, as well as share tips and tricks and answer questions live. This is a great opportunity for everyone — even those using a different CRM — to see how InvestorFuse saves time and boost sales.

Bottom line: if you’re a real estate professional that loves automation, saving time and closing deals, this webinar is for you!

Click here to register to join us virtually on December 5th at 2 PM ET

Why InvestorFuse?

InvestorFuse is dedicated to serving the real estate investment community not just with nifty tools…but with mission critical systems that are at the heart of all deal-making activities. Over the years, they’ve helped 1000s of investors win back their time with software focused on helping understand what is the next thing needed for a seller to move the deal forward.

Highlights of InvestorFuse include:

  • Centralized resource for all of your leads
  • Easily understand team workload
  • Automated KPI Tracking
  • Action workflows to focus you on one decision at a time
  • Step-by-step process that is simple yet flexible
  • Easy lead management with Groups
  • Top notch, fast Support

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