Last year, we launched smrtDialer 2.0, which was heavily requested by our customer base. Mainly because the existing auto dialer systems on the market do not integrate well with Podio. 

If you’ve never used an auto dialer before, it’s very simple. At its core, it allows your agents to call lists of leads as fast as possible. You can load up and dial up to four numbers at once so that you can ensure that your agents get on a call as quickly as possible.

Here are just a few ways we’ve seen our customers use smrtDialer: cold calling lists, follow up sales for leads that may have gone cold, and even customer bases they simply need to connect with on a regular basis. Today, I’m going to dive into the top three reasons why people are leaving Mojo Dialer for smrtDialer 2.0. Let’s take a look.

3 Reasons Why People are Switching from Mojo Dialer to smrtDialer

1. smrtDialer fully integrates with Podio.

The top reason people tell us that they’re moving over from Mojo Dialer to smrtDialer is because of our complete Podio integration. This starts with simply setting up your campaigns. When you set up a campaign in smrtDialer, you can pick from data across your entire Podio organization. 

Set Up Campaigns Within Seconds

Now let me give you some examples. You could have a cold calling app somewhere in your system and can load it up with hundreds of thousands of leads if you want to and set up different types of campaigns in smrtDialer within seconds. 

You could also use smrtDialer with your in-house sales who simply need to use it to quickly and accurately follow up with their existing leads, ones that may have gone cold or leads that are due a follow up. The key about smrtDialer, of course, is that everything is logged into Podio.

That means that all calls are logged in Podio against your agents and against the leads themselves. That means that if you’ve chosen to record your calls, all recordings are dropped into Podio on the call log so you can review them. All of your notes from the call are synced in and kept in Podio against your existing CRM and data as it is.

Customize What Your Agents See in smrtDialer

You can also of course use smrtDialer to set up your agent’s screens. What do they see when they’re on the dialer? You can actually push different fields from Podio into different campaigns, which means that each of your campaigns can have a customized visibility for your agents according to the data in Podio they need to see and interact with.

There’s no exporting your data. No need to import it into another system, export the results and bring it back in. Everything is combined into one system into your Podio CRM. It’s seamless, quick and efficient.

2. smrtDialer is an all-in-one system.

The second reason people tell us they’re moving over from Mojo Dialer to smrtDialer is the simple fact that everything is in one system. That means that their entire phone system, from inbound and outbound, everyday calls, text messages that they send or receive, and even the autodialer calls is connected in one system, one bill and seamlessly integrated into their Podio. 

That means that you can use our mobile apps to take your phone system on the road. It means that wherever your agents are anywhere in the world, they can load up their phone system and use your Podio data immediately. It means you spend less money on a lot of different systems and your team has a more efficient phone system to work with.

3. smrtDialer offers total campaign automation.

The third reason that people tell us they’re moving over from the Mojo Dialer to smrtDialer is simply to take advantage of the awesome workflow and automation that Podio provides. Because we’re fully integrated into Podio, you can trigger from smrtPhone. Let me give you an example of that. 

Automatically Drop Converted Leads Into New Campaigns

Say you’re using smrtDialer and you’ve got a cold calling list somewhere in your Podio system. You’ve created lists and campaigns for your agents who are sitting somewhere in a VA office anywhere in the world, and their job is to run those cold lists as quickly as possible. So, you’re using a four line auto dialer to do that.

Now one of the dispositions for those calls is going to be marked as converted and you can build a workflow in Podio so that when a call is marked as converted from your smrtDialer campaign, it can immediately drop out of that cold calling campaign and move over to your qualified leads app in Podio. It’s a very simple thing to do but is hugely effective and efficient. 

You could also run an immediate text message to that person or create an appointment or send a contract, a PDF. Anything is possible because of our deep integration into Podio. The power that you get from combining smrtPhone, smrtDialer, and Podio is second to none and can make you far more efficient and maximize your opportunity to sell.

Call Up to Four Lines at One Time with smrtDialer

If you’re using Podio, smrtDialer is the only fully integrated auto dialing solution on the market today. With smrtDialer, you can call up to four lines at once, making sure you maximize your opportunity to land the sale. With smrtDialer, you are fully integrated into your Podio system. With smrtDialer, all calls are recorded and logged in Podio if you so desire, and we have fully integrated inbound and outbound SMS capabilities.

How to Start Using smrtDialer

And of course you can always use our mobile apps to take smrtPhone on the road with you to make sure you’re available and wherever you are. So what does smrtDialer cost? Well, we have two different licenses. You have the one line dialer, which is $50 per user seat per month, and we have the four line dialer, which is $90 per user seat per month. That means not only is it the only solution that’s integrated to Podio, is it the most efficient way to use an autodialer, but of course it’s also cost effective as well. Check it out. If you sign up for a trial, you get a one month free trial of the Dialer. Let us know how it goes. 

Happy phoning!