smrtPhone is excited to announce a new podcast from our founder and CEO, Jordan Samuel Fleming!

That Real Estate Tech Guy premieres September 8th with an episode featuring Terry Thayer, a true Real Estate Investment expert and longtime friend and supporter of Jordan and smrtPhone.

We’re excited to bring our expertise and passion to the REI Tech space, so let’s get started!

(Don’t need to hear any more? Check out the first episode here >>)

What’s That Real Estate Tech Guy all about?

Think of TRETG as your weekly chance to explore how technology can – and should – play a role in growing your real estate business.

"Technology is the single most important aspect of every business that has successfully scaled." - Jordan Fleming

Each week on TRETG you’ll hear from real estate investors and technology experts who have been there and done that: they’ve made the mistakes and tested the technology so you don’t have to. Is your tech stack as full as it should be? Do you even know what tech tools make up your tech stack? Don’t fret – this podcast and supplemental resources can be the one-stop shop for choosing the tech tools that will take your business to the next level.

Real Estate Technology is Jordan’s passion, and it’s his belief that it’s simply not explored as deeply as it should be by the majority of REI professionals. After building technology in the real estate sector for over a decade, he felt it was time to share what he’s learned and create a forum for discussing REI technology.


Who Are the Guests?

The guests will range from real estate entrepreneurs, REI experts, Business Coaches, CRM Owners, Start-up Founders and more. Jordan’s many years in the business makes for a deep network and an REI Star-studded lineup! Whether you’re looking to start a business, dip your toes into REI for the first time, or scale an already-succeeding venture – this podcast is for you.

The guest of the week will either be from the tech sector or the REI space, and together with Jordan they’ll go over tips of the trade and discuss new technology. The goal is to make sure listeners don’t have to do the guesswork themselves. Learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself!

When it comes to REI technology, you can get away with a lot of the bare bones processes. Maybe you’re making it work with spreadsheets and manual data. But there’s a lot more possible beyond just “making it work.” We want you to thrive and grow – and that’s where technology can really come in and elevate a business.


Who Should Listen?

If you’re a real estate professional, you know the importance of ROI – but are you applying that concept to the technology you’re using? Just like you wouldn’t invest in a house that didn’t have decent margins, you shouldn’t be investing in software that isn’t directly helping you achieve your financial goals. We know there’s a lot out there, and some of it’s very well marketed, making you feel like you need it to keep up with the Joneses. We help you cut through the noise, and decide what you actually need, in a way that fits your tech budget.

What software you should invest in

It’s not only about what tech you should be integrating into your daily business, but also the best ways to implement that new technology. Let the experts go over their processes and lessons so that you integrate one step ahead of your competitors. Jordan is your new Real Estate Tech Guy – give him less than one hour of your week, and rocket your business to the next level.

And remember – this podcast isn’t just about buying the right tech, it’s also about implementation and everything that entails: training up your team to use the right software, how to actually measure whether the software is working, and tech strategy that ensures the metrics you’re using are the right ones. This isn’t just the beginning of your tech journey, it’s also everything that goes into the murky middle, and looking out into the horizon of your profitable future.

Besides our star-studded podcast, continue checking back to to find resources regarding all the real estate technology covered. We want to become your go-to expert for all things REI technology.

Listen to the first episode featuring Terry Thayer here!

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