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Click-to-Call and Text

Call or text directly from Realeflow with one click. Don’t use multiple systems, let powerful integration merge your systems to save time.

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KPI Reporting

Free, customizable KPI reporting helps you understand where your time and money is really being spent so you can pivot your strategy to make more money.

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Complete Communication History

smrtPhone logs all calls, texts and voicemails directly in your Realeflow CRM. See and understand the whole history of your relationships, no matter how far back they go, or who last communicated.

Why Choose smrtPhone for Realeflow?

All-in-One Phone and Text Platform

Maximize efficiency with our full-featured platform, including click-to-call from inside Realeflow, power dialing via smrtDialer, a free Mobile App, and video calling. Everything is synced, so there’s no doubling up on work. Each product was created to keep you efficient, organized, and spending time on what matters: closing deals.

Built to Grow with You, Customizable for Teams

We always encourage our users to dream big, now. smrtPhone has team management features, including coaching tools, customizable call and text routing to groups, and a subscription structure you pay for at the account level. We want it to be easy for Realeflow users to hire employees of every type and integrate them into their business processes seamlessly — without breaking the bank.

Complete Lead Cycle Support

Any REI professional knows that the lead cycle can last a long time, and doesn’t always stop at the sale. From Call Tracking, to SMS templates, and a robust marketplace of plug-ins that include AI support and more — we know how much it can take to land a deal while maintaining client satisfaction. Keep your system organized, efficient and cutting edge with smrtPhone.

See Realeflow + smrtPhone in Action

Check out how Realeflow and smrtPhone integrate by scheduling a live meeting with a dedicated member of our Client Success team. Then sign up for a Free Trial to try it for yourself!


“I love how user friendly the entire system is. The resource center and support is some of the best I have ever seen and I have been in the call center industry for 6 years and the REI industry for 2.”

- Happy smrtPhone User via Capterra