The Humans of smrtPhone

Welcome to our new monthly series that highlights our awesome team members.

The first “smrtie” profiled is someone you might recognize from our live chat: Tudor Deak.

Name: Tudor Deak

What is your role in the company? I’m a Technical Support Manager. I work with clients, the support department, the dev team, and marketing to make sure everyone has what they need to be successful. I keep projects on track, suggest improvements, find solutions, and make sure the client requests and needs are handled as efficiently as possible. 

How long have you worked for smrtPhone? 2 years and 9 months, but with a 4 month break in the middle for an  exchange program in the US. 

What’s your background? In high school I studied economics and finance; I wanted to be an accountant. I thought it would be a good paying job, if you’re working with money.  But when I had to chose at university I decided to change things up and I chose electronic engineering and computer science, which has turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. 

What was your first job? I had my first job in my last year of high school. I worked for a big telecommunications company for 4 months as an assistant for a digital marketing manager. I was designing flyers and printing them out. I had to leave because the position changed to full time but I was going to university. It’s an unusual first job – but my sister worked in the company, so I became friendly with her boss and then got the position. I worked in a pizza place shortly after! 

What do you like about working for smrtPhone? We are like a small family here. I learn from everyone on the team. They teach me. They motivate me. No one has an attitude that they know more than you – we are always helping each other out. 

Describe smrtPhone in 3 words:  Fast. Scalable. Personalized. 

Is there a particular moment/project at smrtPhone that stands out and makes you feel proud?  In our last weekly meeting, Jordan said that when he was at the retreat and talking with clients he got a lot of feedback that people are impressed with the smrtPhone support team.  That made me feel really good. When people mention that I was able to fix their problem or if they thank me for finding a solution… I want to be able to help people, so to get the feedback that I am helping means a lot. 

What’s your favorite feature? That’s easy – Call Monitoring [part of smrtPhone Pro] is my favorite. I love everything about it. Listening, whispering, barging. Years ago, I brought it up as a possible feature – I had a vision back then about how they would implement it, and the reality is even better than I imagined. And, I still see a lot of potential to grow it and have it become a central feature for companies with large numbers of agents on the phone. smrtPhone doesn’t just help you make calls, we help you improve the quality of the calls.

What do you like to do in your free time? Lately I have been spending a lot of time with my niece, babysitting. She’s 1.5 years old and very energetic and active. Sometimes I’m telling to my mom or sister, “Working 8-10 hours a day is fine. Staying with a kid for like 2-3 hours, that’s a lot!”

I also really like sports. I go to the gym and I swim. I like go karts. I love cars, in general – Formula 1,  MotoGP, rally racing. 

Name something that is on your “bucket list.” I like traveling, and I really want to see New York City. To feel the rush. To feel the people. To feel the energetic atmosphere. 

What is a fun fact people might not know about you? I am working on my license to become a certified skydiving instructor.

Tudor in San Fransisco
Tudor at the Golden Gate Bridge in California