Did you know smrtPhone is the most powerful VoIP phone system on the market today for Podio? 

Built by two of our Podio partners, smrtPhone was developed to seamlessly connect to Podio and provide an easy user experience for you. 

Expand Your Business Internationally Without Draining Your Bank Account 

If you’ve never used a VoIP phone system before, smrtPhone is a great first step. You have the option to buy numbers in over 140 countries at the click of a button with no extra cost. This is really helpful if you’re adding a new office in another country, etc. 

Moving your phone infrastructure can be financially draining for your business (not to mention require a lot of your time), but with smrtPhone, all you need is an internet connection and you’re live with your phone system wherever you are in the world. 

You could be sitting in an office in Poland making a call to your North Caroline office. It’s an incredibly powerful feature.  

Have Remote Workers Around the World? No Problem.   

The international feature of smrtPhone is also helpful for remote workers. If you have a team of agents in another country or workers who are always on the road, smrtPhone allows them to take their phone system with them on the go.

Not to mention, it’s great for billing as well because no matter how many offices or countries you work in, you have one unified smrtPhone bill. This can save you an enormous amount of money and administrative hassle.

Send and Receive Texts to Your Business Phone in One Place 

The ability to add international numbers is just one benefit. Let’s explore a few other features that make smrtPhone stand out from competition. 

Our SMS ap is an amazing tool that gives you full control over how you manage text messaging in your phone system. 

You can send text messages, create drip sequences, and ensure that automated responses are queued and sent out the moment an SMS comes in. There’s enormous opportunity with our SMS messaging and it’s all unified in our easy to use APP. 

Barge in or Whisper on Phone Calls with smrtPhone PRO 

Another benefit is smrtPhone PRO, a more advanced system for companies who rely on their phone to drive sales or customer support. 

This brings in advanced features like call monitoring where you can whisper to agents and barge in on calls, warm transfers, or connect to pro plugins.

Maximize Your Sales’ Team Output with This Auto Dialer 

We also have smrtDialer, an auto dialer that can maximize the output from your sales team on a daily basis. You simply load up the campaigns and smrtDialer enables your sales team to work through as many leads as possible in a day. 

Take smrtPhone With You Anywhere in the World 

And finally, we have our iOS app, a way to take smrtPhone on the road with you. 

This app is incredibly beneficial for sales agents on the road, so they can make and receive calls or texts right from their business phone. That’s right, no personal phone numbers needed here! The app ensure that all calls and texts are tracked in Podio every single time. 

Interested in Using smrtPhone for Your Business? Start Your Free Trial Today. 

We know that our users love smrtPhone because of its functionality, but they also use smrtPhone because it has the ability to develop systems for them. We get our development ideas directly from talking to our users, and if you sign up today and start your trial, you’ll become another voice on our development team giving your input on how to take this amazing phone system further today.

Start you 30 day free trial today and we’ll give you $7 of free credit, which will allow you to buy a number and make some test calls. You’ll also get access to our internal Podio smrtPhone users workspace, where you can talk directly with our team and other users who could share tips and tricks of how they’ve improved their own workflow with smrtPhone. So try that today and we look forward to getting your feedback.

Happy phoning! 

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