How do you get the most out of REI Networking Events? 

There’s no denying that relationships are important in any business, especially as a real estate investor. Having strong relationships with the right people can help you grow your business in ways you never thought possible. Sharing ideas, masterminding, creating potential partnership opportunities, raising funds, getting introduced to new concepts – all of this comes from relationships.

An event is coming up, you’re excited to meet like-minded people in your industry, but what actually comes next? As much as networking events can lead with the fun, they ultimately exist to help generate revenue and build professional experience. Don’t forget to keep your business hat on, even when you’re making friends and enjoying a new locale. 


Here are six tips to get the most out of your next business event, even if you’re a seasoned pro: 


1. Talk to the Speakers

You’ll learn a lot by attending talks and keynotes by speakers, but see if you can carve out even more time with them, one-on-one. If you have specific questions, or just want to get a little facetime in, see if they have timeslots available for a personal meeting. Be genuine and authentic – people can spot a fake a mile away. Remembering details you appreciated about their content can set you apart from other attendees. Don’t fawn over speakers, and lead with your own personality instead of what you think people want to hear.  Networking events are often a rare opportunity to have a lot of expert talent in one space – don’t let it go to waste.


2. Take Notes for Future Action

Usually at networking-led events you’re attending multiple speaking engagements in a short amount of time. Notes are your friend! Even just jotting down key takeaways on your phone’s notes app can be the difference between making an action plan after the event and forgetting everything you learned. It’s also helpful when you end up talking to the speakers; details can make them feel like you truly listened, and could be a leg up for working with them down the road. Be memorable and thorough – and take those notes! 


3. Ask Questions (and Listen More Than You Talk!)

Your fellow attendees are a wealth of knowledge, so try to get to the bottom of what everyone is working on right now. Ask about the deals they’re closing, the ideas they have brewing. You’ll be surrounded by amazing people – don’t just ask them what they had for dinner! Ask the meaty business questions that can help you brainstorm for yourself once you’re back home. At the end of the day, people like to talk about themselves, as long as you also actively listen to their answers. Be inquisitive without being overbearing – you don’t want it to feel like an interview. Make the most of the time you’ll have with like-minded, hard-working people in your industry. Everyone you meet could be a part of your future network; figure out how they fit. 


4. Offer Solutions

The beauty of many networking events is that the people you meet aren’t necessarily competition. Let’s say you’re a real estate investor in Colorado, and you meet a fellow investor from Florida. Odds are, you’re not going after the same properties or buyers. So the networking event can be a great opportunity to swap solutions to problems and help each other out. Don’t just take from these events – give advice and ideas as well. You want to be as valuable a networking prospect as you’re trying to find – be helpful and generous with your time and experience. 


5. Be Patient

Relationship building takes time and patience, don’t expect things to happen overnight. Follow up after the event, and don’t be disappointed if deals don’t seem close on the horizon. Emails, calls and connections after an event can be where the real substance is unearthed. Let people know you’re interested in staying in touch and keeping the relationship alive. 


6. Have fun

Ok don’t have too much fun, but don’t be 100% serious the entire time you’re at an event. People will remember whoever made them feel comfortable and welcome, and that’s not always going to be by talking business. Don’t approach events like a series of sterile business meetings, try to infuse some relaxation and excitement into meeting new people. Not everyone has to become your friend, but be friendly! The deals may end up coming out of the conversations that felt the least business-focused at the start. Networking events are a hybrid of social and business opportunity, so try to strike a balance between having fun and keeping your eye on the prize.   


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