Join smrtPhone, Launch Control, and Left Main to learn how to communicate effectively throughout the lifecycle of your sales pipeline.


Can your sales process be improved? Join us on June 18th at 2 PM

Your CRM is the single source of truth when moving people through a sales pipeline, and it’s common to use different types of communication to move leads through the system. It’s often that variety that helps you to be flexible and adaptable to your clients as you build relationships. But using disparate systems to manage communication like bulk texting, power dialing campaigns, and individual texts and calls can cause duplicated efforts or leads falling through the cracks.

During our webinar, co-hosted by Launch Control, Left Main REI, and smrtPhone, we’ll show you how to use the right type of communication, at the exact right time, with seamless integration between platforms. Your strategy is only as smart as the systems you use to implement them, and it’s imperative they work together intelligently.

CEO of smrtPhone, Jordan Samuel Fleming, will be joined by Stephanie Betters, CEO of Left Main REI and Michael Bartolomei, CCO of Launch Control.


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How can Launch Control, Left Main, and smrtPhone work together to optimize your sales pipeline?

Different platforms and systems can be integral to your sales pipeline at different times. The important thing is that communication flows seamlessly between them so that nothing gets missed or done twice. Here’s an example:

  • Use Launch Control to qualify leads
  • Follow up with those leads using smrtPhone, via text
  • If a lead goes cold, restart the sales process via Launch Control and smrtDialer
  • Keep track of all communication and sales processes in Left Main, where everything is logged

During this event, we’ll create a lead and demonstrate how this lead moves seamlessly through the communication channels.

Register even if you can’t make the event to receive a recording after it takes place! See you later this month.

Happy phoning!