At smrtPhone, our development team does such a great job getting loads of enhancements and new features all the time but sometimes we forget to tell you about it. We have rolled out three really amazing upgrades that we think will blow you away!

Reporting Center

First things first, our brand new reporting center in smrtPhone! If you haven’t seen it, it is located on the left hand side of the screen in the menu under reports. This is a fantastic addition to smrtPhone. It gives you a number of amazing reports that allow you to see your usage and utilization of smrtPhone across your whole team, across the numbers, and more. One of the reports we give you shows you the heat maps of when you can expect to receive the most calls and when you make the most calls that are answered. This gives you a lot of insight over time as to when to best position your team for handling calls.
As always, we want to hear from you, what type of reporting do you want to add to this new feature?

Upgrade to smrtDialer

The second upgrade that we are thrilled to announce, is an upgrade to our smrtDialer.

Most of our customers love smrtDialer because it is fully integrated with Podio. You’re able to pull your leads directly from Podio which makes smrtDialer unlike any other dialer on the market. Well, we are excited to tell you that we’ve made it even better because of your feedback! You now have the ability to create campaigns from Podio views. That means in any app in your system, you can filter down to the data set. You want to create a Podio view and then create a smrtDialer campaign based on that view. And of course, every time your agent loads up that campaign, they can resync the campaign to Podio and grab all the newest leads in that view.

Mobile App Update

The third big thing is an upgrade to our mobile ap related to smrtPhone PRO. We’ve brought in Geo Caller ID and Pro dialing. If you haven’t tried smrtPhone Pro yet, check it out. It is a superb way of supercharging your smrtPhone experience because we can now bring you into the mobile environment. It means that your agents will be able to select those options or you can set them for your agents. As an admin, you have complete control. It also means that, of course, every single call that your agents make or receive in the mobile environment is fully available in the call monitoring section. You can listen in no matter where your agents are on the road. Of course, by bringing in Geo Caller ID to the mobile app, regardless of where they are, they don’t have to think about what number they’re calling from. They simply open their cell phone, open the smrtPhone mobile app, make a call and Geo Caller ID will place the call correctly.

We are so excited about these updates! As always, we want to hear from you! If you’ve got ideas of how we can make smrtPhone, smrtDialer or mobile apps better please reach out through the website or the Podio workspace.

Happy Phoning!