CRM Phone System & Power Dialer for Real Estate

Build better relationships. Track them too.

The quicker you respond to your leads the better the chance of success. Up your game with automated responses, drip sequence follow ups and a new ability to see every bit of communication history tracked in your CRM.

Master your marketing

Make better decisions on how you spend your hard-earned marketing dollars but tracking inbound leads via smrtPhone tracking numbers. Easily report on the volume and conversion of your lead sources by assigning a unique phone number for each source.

CRM Phone System & Power Dialer for Real Estate
CRM Phone System & Power Dialer for Real Estate

Expand your markets

One system to rule them all. Buy numbers in different markets (and even countries) and control everything from a central platform. Dynamically adjust which number to call from based on regional and geographic locations so you’re always coming up as the local option.

Why do real estate professionals love smrtPhone?

Track Marketing Leads
Quickly buy numbers for each marketing channel/campaign and track inbound leads directly in your CRM.
See the History
smrtPhone logs all calls, texts & voicemails directly in your CRM, making sure you can see the whole history of your relationships.
SMS Workflow
Use our SMS API to build automated follow up sequences and text messages to make sure you never drop a lead again.
Up your Call Rate
Use smrtDialer (our dedicated 4-line Sales Dialer) to grab leads from your CRM and set up calling campaigns. Dial quicker - close more.

Real Estate Investor

Larry Goins

"We've gone through, Google Voice, FreedomVoice, CallRail. When we saw how smrtPhone integrates seamlessly with Podio, we knew we had to make the switch. With smrtphone, it was a seamless process and we started seeing the benefits right away."

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Never lose track of a phone call or SMS again

smrtPhone is a flexible and scalable system that you can use at your desk or through your mobile device. You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

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CRM Phone System & Power Dialer for Real Estate