As you know, we base a lot of our upgrades on your feedback and something we’ve been hearing from our customers that work in several markets is it’s challenging that the system doesn’t automatically switch caller IDs based on the market they’re calling. Currently, users have to manually switch to the caller ID they need before making the call.

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to announce a major update to the caller ID function in smrtPhone PRO that will increase automation and efficeincy for your business. Let’s dive into the three main elements of this update…

  1. Set Rules for Switching Caller IDs
  2. With this new functionality, you can control whether or not your users can manually switch the caller ID they’re using. If you decide to turn on this functionality, your users will be unable to manually switch the caller IDs themselves. You get to set the rules which can help create consistency and manage calls better.

  3. Force Pro Dialing
  4. If you’re using smrtPhone PRO, you know that in order to have your calls in the call monitoring section, you need smrtPhone PRO dialing to be enabled both on the call flow and in the call dialer. With this upgrade, you can control that centrally as an administrator, both at a global level and for each user. Your users will no longer have the option to turn it on and off which gives you the confidence that all calls will be monitored.

    In the case below, pro dialing is set to force which means that this user will always be forced to have pro dialing turned on. They can’t turn it off.

    smrtPhone PRO Dialing

  5. Geo Caller ID Automation
  6. This is the most extensive part of the update for smrtPhone PRO users. First of all, you’ll have a brand new setting in your administrative menu in smrtPhone that allows you to set the global rules for your organization for both caller ID change, geo caller ID and pro dialing.

    As you can see, in the admin/settings page (below), you will now be able to set the global defaults for all users for the three main caller ID settings to either “Force” or “False.”

    srmtPhone Admin Settings

    Force means the global default will be to force that functionality being used. False means that the global default will not force the functionality being used. This means you have the ability at each individual user’s profile to control different functionality for different people. (Can only do this from the administrative level) You can set different area codes and choose what number that user is going to use when that area code is called. The same is true for a country code at a global level.

    The third feature of this update is the area and country code matching. There are two key levels for this functionality– country and area code. You can specifically select what number smrtPhone will use based on the area you are calling to. The same on a country level.

    Here’s how it works…

Practical Example of Geo Calling Feature

When a user logs in and makes a call, smrtPhone system is going to first look for an area code matching. If there isn’t a match there, it will go to the country codes. If it doesn’t find a match there, it will resort to the default caller ID you have set for the user.

Of course all of this happens in a millisecond, but your users will no longer have to worry about making sure their caller ID comes across as a local one according to the market they are calling.

The main takeaway is that you have the ability to set rules at the user level that the system will automatically apply so they can simply open a contact list and hammer out their calls without worrying about manually changing caller IDs. This eliminates room for user error.

We Want to Hear From You!

We are constantly checking feedback from our users to determine what our next upgrade will be. We are already working on new updates to smrtDialer, texting features and more, but if there’s something you’d like to see from us, reach out to me on the smrtPhone user workspace and let me know what you’d like the next upgrade to be!

As always, happy phoning!