Close More Deals and Train Better with smrtPhone Call Monitoring


Call monitoring is a feature offered on the smrtPhone Pro plan that gives you the ability to see all live calls currently in process across all your users. You can even see which of your agents are on a call and choose to whisper or barge in on the call yourself.

What Do We Mean By “Whispering” and “Barging”?

Whispering means that you can speak directly to the agent and give them instructions without the other party hearing. This is a helpful tool for managers when their agent might be trying to schedule an appointment but needs assistance in the process. 

Barging is when you get on a call and can speak directly to the person on the other line. 

So how is call monitoring helping our customers become better at what they do? Here’s a couple examples… 

Example 1: Better Call Management, More Appointments Scheduled

One of our customers, a real estate wholesaling company, has a team of six cold-callers and appointments centers. They spend their day using smrtDialer to call as many people on their lists as possible and setting appointments for their salespeople to visit a property and close the deal. 

By using our call monitoring system, the manager of this company can keep a close eye on every call being made by listening in on calls, screening calls for quality, or by giving suggestions and direction to agents when they need help. 

As a result, their agents are getting more direct support on the job while the manager can spot problems early and address them on the call if needed, leading to a lot more appointments and fewer missed opportunities.

Example 2: Improved Call Training Gets Your Call Agents on the Field Faster

Another smrtPhone customer uses call monitoring for training purposes. They regularly train new agents, located all over the world, with call monitoring which allows them to monitor and asses live phone calls. 

With call monitoring, they’ve been able to cut their training time significantly and train better call agents faster

Minimize Missed Opportunities with Call Monitoring

All of our customers use call monitoring in a variety of ways, but the positive impact this system is having on their businesses in universal. 

The ability to see live calls and interact with agents in real time has helped managers close more deals, train better employees, and minimize missed opportunities. 

If you’re using call monitoring for your business, send me a message in Podio on the smrtPhone user workspace and let me know! 

Happy phoning! 


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